• Wotton Wotton

    Well played!

    The culprit was a burglar who entered through the balcony door and later hid in the closet when he heard Catherine's car arriving.
    When Alice opened the closet door to get her clothes she was shot and pushed to the middle of the room. The culprit then hid in the closet, using a painting to cover the closet door.

    Bertrand figured out the truth once he realized that there were no clothes in the room besides the one she had been wearing.

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  • Wotton Wotton

    An amateur painter stops by home after work and is killed inside her bedroom. Both exits were being watched by her four friends, yet none of them spotted the killer.

    This is my first gameboard, expect the difficulty level to be low.

    What Alice Saw There.pdf


    • I am under no obligation to counter blues with new reds.
    • I may refuse to answer incomplete blues.

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