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    As Kyrie was reloading her winchester, a Goat sped on up to her direction and gave her a swift uppercut. She got launched into the air, her rifle slipping from her fingers, and the Goat followed her in the air with a high jump ready to smack her down. Just before the Goat could, Rosa had taken an even faster and higher jump, landing on the Goat in midair and started shooting in his face. Meanwhile, Rudolf managed to catch Kyrie in midair, while shooting down a second and third Goat that had tried to jump for Kyrie and Rosa as this all was happening. All three of them landed safely on the ground, but Kyrie was had taken a nasty wound in her stomach.

    ''Ngh... We'd better end this quick...'' Kyrie sighed. ''....We have to take down their leader...!''

    Having just finished reloading after taking out a few more goats as Kyrie said that, Rudolf and Rosa pointed their rifles at Erika. ''Rudolf, cover Krauss...'' Rosa followed up. ''I'll distract Erika with some gunfire from another angle. That will leave her open to attack from the other side which you and Krauss can take advantage of. Krauss can then attack her from close range and you can fire at Erika when she attempts to counter-attack Krauss!'' Rosa jumped away to get into position, leaving Rudolf no time to respond to her.

    ''Heh... Guess we'll go with that, then...'' Rudolf chuckled. ''Kyrie, cover us from any Goats, but make sure to keep your distance. You're wounded, after all.'' Rudolf was ready to roll and join the fight on Erika.

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  • The Fury Wraith The Fury Wraith

    Rudolf and Kyrie kept shooting barrage after barrage of rifle fire at the Goats, taking out plenty of them. Unfortunately, they kept coming and a bunch kept getting closer and closer... ''Whew... They'll be up in our faces soon.'' Rudolf sighed, then looked over at Krauss. ''Hey Aniki, can you cover us from any Goats that manage to get too close? Would hate it if they did a number on my face, gimping my aim, you know? And age already did a number on yours anyway, so you could handle them up close with no regrets regarding that, right?''

    Rosa, on the other hand, was not quite as quick at taking out the Goats. Perhaps it was because she kept looking over at Maria every few shots, worried that some sneaky Goat might get the jump on her daughter while Rosa was focused on aiming. ...Or perhaps she just sucked at aiming with the Winchester from so far. ''D-Damn it...'' Rosa uttered as her next two shots missed a Goat she was aiming at. Admittedly, she could use some help, briefly considering to ask Maria for some support. And yet, Rosa ultimately decided not to ask for any. Perhaps it was a lingering feeling of proving her competency here. She stubbornly kept on shooting.

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  • The Fury Wraith The Fury Wraith

    Rudolf smiled, quickly checking his Winchester rifle to see if it was fully loaded. ''Well, here they come... Heh, if only these Goats were some fine ladies instead. Maybe they coming at me like this would be a good sign then.''

    With a one handed motion, Kyrie quickly aimed her rifle in the direction of the Goats, ready to shoot them down. ''For me it would make no difference, Rudolf.''

    Rosa, with her own rifle in hand, moved closer to Maria, ready to cover her if needed. ''I won't let these Goats lay a finger on you, Maria!''

    All three of them were ready to fire at Beatrice's command.

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  • The Fury Wraith The Fury Wraith

    ''It's not like we have a lot of options here... We're pretty much cornered, after all.'' Rosa commented. ''If we wait much longer, then the fleet will most certainly crush us where we stand...''

    Rudolf pointed towards Lambda, trying his best to convince her to help.

    ''You said you're here to just watch a good story, right? Well, I doubt us simply getting destroyed by this armada would make for a very interesting story, now would it? It would be over in a flash and the outcome would most certainly be the destruction of us all. But if you help us get to the City of Books, then the story is bound to become more interesting for you, no? Help us, and you can get something good out of it; an interesting tale.''

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    ''Negotiate what exactly?'' Rudolf enquired in response to Nanjo. ''Do we even have something suitable to bargain with? Or did you plan to use that negotiation as an opportunity to get an easy first strike on the enemy?''

    ''That doesn't sound like a bad idea if you ask me.'' Rosa added.

    Kyrie followed up on that notion. ''Don't forget that the enemy may choose to employ a similar strategy. They'd agree to negotiate only to get closer to us without suffering casualties themselves, just so we'd be in a more vulnerable position where they could more easily destroy us when they reach us. No doubt the enemy will still send ample numbers for a negotiation, possibly even anticipating we might try something funny.''

    Rosa nervously crossed her arms. ''You mean... If we'd ask them to negotiate and they'd agree to send a ship for that purpose... They'd drop all pretense of wanting to negotiate and attack us once they arrive?''

    ''Right...'' Rudolf chuckled. ''With these guys we're dealing with, I doubt there really is an option of 'Surrender or die', after all. It seems more like 'Surrender and die'.''

    Kyrie nodded. ''And even if a single enemy ship with managable numbers would be sent our way to negotiate with us, the other ships will obviously not choose to just spin their wheels and do nothing at all. They could easily maneuver to surround us meanwhile. If we choose to use this strategy, we must make sure we have a back up plan just in case our enemy is smarter than we think.''

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  • The Fury Wraith The Fury Wraith

    Liquid kicks open the café door.

    ''Erika!! It's not over yet!! I'll make you pay for humiliating me the other day by explaining this crime before you can!''

    The culprit is Phil. Phil, ever so willing to prove his skills in outsmarting Luise's doors, tried to do so in the dead of the night on her latest pride and joy: The door to Luise's private quarters.

    Perhaps Phil managed to even get through the level of security that requires the keycard, by activating one of the security protocols. Or perhaps he knew Luise was so paranoid, with him having managed to destroy a door before and her security craze, that every now and then she would open the door to check if Phil was there messing with the door. There are no windows and the rooms are soundproof, so in order to know if someone would be in the hallway, she'd have to open the door with the keycard to take a peek. She'd of course keep the chainlock and electrolock on when doing this, of course.

    Regardless, Luise approaches the door, either because Phil opened it or due to the above described paranoia, with the chainlock and electrolock still in place. This turns out to be a fatal error, however. Why? Because of a little something called...

    Electro-Magnetic Propulsion. All the ingredients to create this are present. Namely the chainlock made out of conducting material and the electric current running through it. Perhaps the chain itself is even shaped in such a way that it would create an electro-magnetic field.

    Wikipedia describes: When a current flows through a conductor in a magnetic field, an electromagnetic force known as a Lorentz force, pushes the conductor in a direction perpendicular to the conductor and the magnetic field.

    The conductor of course being the electrified chain lock. All Phil would have to do then, was hold a very similar piece made of Super Silver Material, perhaps even another chain, right next to the electrified chain. You'd then of course get a make shift railgun, with a force being generated perpendicular between the electrified chain and the Super Silver material Phil is holding.


    Or to use Fede's map:


    Blue = Door opened a small way.

    Red = electrified chainlock

    Green = Super Silver material (perhaps another chain) that Phil is holding through the opening.

    Now, we have the force, but we still need something that can be launched by this force... Which conviniently, Luise had on her person, just as planned. Namely, the keycard, which is made of some magnetic material. Being made of magnetic material, it would of course get pushed away by another magnetic force, namely that of our makeshift railgun.

    Luise, and this keycard made of magnetic material, then, would be RIGHT in the position of where the force would be... and so the Lorentz Force pushed Luise all the way... away, right up in the direction of where the lamp was. Luise, wearing a pearl necklace, got caught and stuck on the lamp with it, causing her to get hanged. Likely, Phil quickly closed the door right before it all happened, and Luise getting swung away with the keycard also counted as a swipe as far as the security system was concerned, thus locking the door again.

    Perhaps this was exactly according to Phil's plan, or perhaps it really was just a convinient turn of events, or perhaps this murder was not intended, but Phil decided to hide his tracks by pretending to discover the body together with Aki, as so to avoid any trouble with the police.

    Liquid puts on sunglasses.

    ''Erika, did you like my Blue Truth~?''

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    Golden Gear Solution.pdf

    Good games, everyone.

    Also sorry for lateness.

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  • The Fury Wraith The Fury Wraith

    Ok fine. You win. GGs.

    All mysteries have been solved.

    Will post the solution board before hopefully too long.

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  • The Fury Wraith The Fury Wraith

    There's no mechanism in place on the bridge that allows for pumping liquids through to wash anything away from the bridge. Gray Fox's jeep did not slip on oil.

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  • The Fury Wraith The Fury Wraith

    Jeeps cannot clean anything off the roads with their tires.

    The bridge was never on fire at any point.

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