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    Well, since it's my first blue on the newly remade Illusion of the Witch (Congrats again for that Selkie 🙌 ), I'll help myself a lil piece of cake while you enjoy the blue. 🍰

    The disappearance of a caterer at the soiree, while nobody should have theoretically left is undoubtedly strange. Unless someone was playing a double game, that’d be our culprit. After all, there is nothing like a caterer disguise to become virtually invisible at a gala and nothing like a bathroom without any indiscreet eyes to perform a change of appearance.

    An EMP placed in an all time surveilled security room is pretty weird as well. Unless the chief of security is an old rogue cop or someone too worried about the well being of a certain antic artefact has been coerced through threats on the said artefact.

    However, the big question still remains, how did the culprit get an 8 inches cube outside of an unopenable glass case and made it disappear into thin air?
    With great dexterity and ingenuity, that’s my answer.

    The culprit was next to the glass case just before the blackout and started their manoeuver only when the dark befell the main gallery. Profiting of the immediate panic, they used a circle cutter with a suction cup to cut an opening in the glass wide enough for the Engine to pass through. Of course, such a technique would induce some light screech noises, but nothing that couldn’t be overwhelmed by the ambient fuss caused by the guests.

    Once the circle of glass was removed and the case opened, the culprit simply took the Engine and left Miss Mystery’s visit card.

    Now, it wouldn’t add up if we left it just at that, after all, the glass case checked during the investigation was pristine, or at least without any big hole in the midst of it. That’s because the culprit replicated a process used earlier in the soiree to patch up the hole with the still intact glass circle. A process that wouldn’t leave any mark of the breakthrough, I named chemical bonding.

    Once the glass case was back to normal, the last thing to do was making the Argos Engine disappear.

    Unnecessary to say that harming the precious artefact in any way would be out of question after going to such lengths to obtain it. Keeping it on their person, even with their outstanding abilities would prove quite difficult as well without looking suspicious. Furthermore, our culprit is in the dark and doesn't have all the time in the world to find a hiding spot good enough to fool a whole police squad and Dinah Ito’s keen eyes.

    It sure wouldn't have been a piece of cake, unless...

    ...unless the Argos Engine returned at the bottom of the sea.

    After all, disguised as a caterer, it wouldn't have been impossible for our culprit to tamper with the 7-tiered cake themed after the Mediterranean sea, and earlier this evening, carve a cavity in its lowest layer large enough for the artefact.

    The cake being directly across the Argos Engine's glass case, it's the shortest path to hide the treasure. Once the theft was accomplished surely eating cake would have been the last thing on people's minds and recuperating the Engine after the cake had been disposed of by the actual caterers would have been a trifle.

    And that is how the culprit played out their grand magic trick.

    Who is the culprit though?

    What if I said that the culprit gave themselves in one reaction. Get’s it?

    When Dinah got back in the main gallery with the replica of the Argos Engine, Sir Charles and Mrs Schultz were overjoyed but alarmed by the way Dinah was handling the artefact, same goes for Archibald and Camilla. On the other side, Emma looked relieved, surely genuinely happy that the Engine had been retrieved, and finally, Lucia looked confused.

    But why would you look confused in such a situation? Well, you surely would if you’d seen someone coming in the room with a unique artefact that you have stolen and hidden inside a cake you have kept your eyes on since you have made the deed!
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