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    This has not been challenged (publicly) for so, so long, that when I tried to reply, the site asked if I was sure I wanted to bump the thread and suggested I create another instead. But worry not, I have come to end your suffering!

    You may not know this, but I am a spreedsheeter at heart. Since this gameboard is not very different from a Liar's Paradox (Knights and Knaves? I don't know the name exactly, it was a riddle about prisoners), making a spreadsheet for it was very possible.
    I had fun creating it if you ignore my frustration due to my shitty laptop pad that moves the cursor wherever the hell it wants along with the three hours it took me to create it because this is way more complex than the prisoner riddle.

    The most fun was testing each possibility, which didn't take long. Probably half an hour or so. Maybe one hour too.

    Link to the spreadsheet for the curious (click here).

    I'm not going to go over the many possibilities I tried until I reached the solution. I will just say it outright (who the killers are, who they killed, and why they can only kill that specific person).

    The killers are Alina, Ana, Justin, and Yael.

    Each killer must kill only once.

    In order to know exactly which killer murdered which victim, we must first take a look at the final murder. Everyone known to be alive is cleared from the crime, so the only suspects are the three who are "dead."

    Ana in particular has an alibi for all murders up until her "death." Due to a lack of any alibi after that, her only possible targets are Augy and Julia. Katie, an innocent, confirmed that Ana herself could not have killed Augy. This means her only possible target is Julia.

    To know Augy's killer, let it be known two innocents (Katie and Toddy) confirm that none of the dead people could have killed him. The only killer alive (and with no alibi) is Julian, so we can blame him for Augy's murder.

    The only ones who could have killed Sophia are Aline and Justin. Since Justin's already got a target, Aline got Sophia all to herself.

    By process of elimination, Yael is the last and only killer who can kill Gabriel, the leftover victim.

    I am now required to describe how the four did it:

    Alina first killed Sophia and hid her in the closet. Before the body was discovered, Ana helped Alaina get her clothes all bloody so she could fake her death. After Sophia was found, Ana brought all attention to her location (and thus Alaina was found). Yael lied about Alina being dead.

    Yael followed Gabriel upstairs to "find more food." The two were alone. Yael had more than enough time to kill him and feign death, same death which Ana, also a culprit, "confirmed."

    Luckily for Justin, most clicker games have upgrades which automatically click for you. He got those and left to kill poor sad Augy. Ana, the second "victim", faked her death. Justin covered for her.

    Lastly, Ana either hid inside the room the group picked beforehand or Justin happened to be the only person facing the door and didn't say anything when Ana walked in and out. Either option ends with Julia dead and all purples holding true.

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