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    A tribute accompanies the cry.

    A board left delayed and mocked by the skies
    Waited and waited, blob sweating dry
    Ending seemed frayed, suspected of lies
    The day of reckoning would be a surprise

    The history of a writer most craven
    In a channel no one could possibly behave in
    But pen to paper, an experience most braven -
    By showing the tale of a meticulous raven

    They rejoiced at the ending, a final poem
    Before the channel was sealed all alone
    Replaced by mechanical sights and lines of cursive shown
    "Seal the board!" they continued to moan,
    so the writer had a choice unknown:
    Even with the ending posted, and the board fully hosted
    GPU busted, GM's distrusted
    Why not keep it open for a little bit longer?
    Maybe a day, a week, to keep the interest stronger?

    What not a single one would know
    Was that the board would never forgo
    The real reason it was so slow
    A raven's speed depends on its previous flow
    And this raven's quickness was always below
    No assistance, as its feathers would go
    Dark raven flies low

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    The culprit is Beowulf, as it's the person that killed Beowulf. The room is just Beowulf slipping in the 15 seconds and offing themselves, the blood could be made earlier with a carpet or deposited under the door gap.

    That means any 'accomplice' for the wheel did it unwittingly... Well. Let's go back to an earlier theory.

    While Wolfgang operated Beowulf's cabin to the top, it was properly locked.

    When a ferris wheel cabin is properly locked, it can only be unlocked by a human hand undoing the bolt from outside the cabin.

    It is not stated that it was properly locked when the wheel was coming down. You could plausibly state that it was still 'properly locked' even with the rising of the wheel meaning 'turn up', as it stopped being properly locked at some point. The horizontal motion of the wheel is then 'slide over' and the downward motion is 'turn down'. This unlocks the cabin and lets Beowulf exit from below the halfway point of the wheel.

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    It's all about the strap.
    nobody better complain this is more ridiculous than a werewolf theory

    The wheel:
    There is a bag of silver in a cabin as suggested in a previous theory. However, it isn't moved by physical weight, but moved by magnetic force instead. (I don't care that silver is not magnetic - everyone just assumed it was silver by the color or something.)

    The room:
    This trick relies on: "From the time Wolfgang left his apartment to the time he returned, the key to his apartment remained on his person."
    Well, Wolfgang was beat up and there was this big section break. I'd like to propose that someone transported Wolfgang to his apartment and back in order to use the key. Why have to transport Wolfgang? Because of the strap keeping it effectively attached to Wolfgang's body. (I don't care that Wolfgang says the strap is in their pocket, maybe they're one of those people who like putting one hand in their pocket all the time.)

    When Wolfgang 'woke up', Freki and Geri and their dogs were already long gone as Wolfgang fell out of consciousness. This is why "neither them or their dogs seemed to notice" - they were long gone.

    Beowulf's death is a lolsuicide, or if you prefer, extreme magnetic trinket tactics were used by using the magnet through the wall/floor/ceiling in order to provide the force required to say, put a knife through his back.

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    The wheel:
    The culprit moved the wheel by hand (live footage here), or maybe the wolves did it. Beowulf just leaves as the bozos are checking the other wheels.

    The room:unknown.png

    Did anyone really believe a kitchen was smaller than a bed? Didn't think so.

    Alternatively one of your reds says 'Wolfgang's apartments" as if Wolfgang owns 2 of them.

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    Copypaste the other theory, while inside the cabin Beowulf disguised themselves as a pile of silver bars by using the silver they already have, which Freki/Geri steals and does not mention to Wolfgang for obvious sketchy-authority reasons.

    The locked room is a lolsuicide.

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    The Aviarist is the deputy, being the only 'private investigator' in the story. (This logic kinda has a flaw, it seems like the Aviarist's coming to the island was a rare event so it doesn't make sense to call someone 'my deputy' if they don't come often, but as Monarch and Hunter are related in authority maybe Hunter was informed about this.)

    It is strange to me that an ordinary boatman can go to the island in 8 hours while big, presumably mechanical ferries can only do it in like 7 hours, I'd think the speed increase would be more, so maybe the detour was not noticed or usable by the ferry. Considering the ferry was also on a schedule, this means his boat trip was even faster than a ferry, making him arrive earlier.

    Also, his section ends with "I headed to the town hall", which means he could have died on the way there.

    While I suspected the Monarch for seeming to know too much about the murder weapon (how does the Monarch conclude blade and slicing when the Hunter looked at the bodies and came up with nothing?) the motive doesn't make any plausible sense to me, sending a letter to his son and then killing him.

    So, the culprit is the Hunter. This is mainly because "no narrators are lying" effectively, whose investigation results are incredibly vague. There is also a statement that doesn't seem to coincide with any facts at all: that the body was reported by someone at all. The Jester, in his side, was woken up by the Hunter, so he couldn't have reported it, so that implies someone who was reported but never interrogated.

    The method seems overly simple, which probably means this whole thing is incorrect: He just walked out of the alley, the one mentioned by Jester. He just stole Aviarist's cap. Presumably the ordinary local just died to remove a witness.

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    Maybe you don't have the original source for this anymore, but typos:

    "still appy" (in the OP) still apply
    "familiaritze" (in the OP)

    "The more the community grow" grew
    "the genre your working in" you're
    "Creative expression had become a matter of being judged by your peers (if the peers even took an interest at all.)" put period outside the parens
    "There is no a doubt in my mind" There is not a doubt
    "as a cover to cleverly hide the fact the true nature of the game and the ultimate objective"
    "Will they actually be immediately piece together the truth from just that?" Will they actually be able to immediately piece together the truth from just that?
    "rethink how to help the players progress" You can possibly read this in a different way that isn't a typo. However, I think since the start of the paragraph starts with "player" (singular), this reads as a typo of "rethink how to help the player's progress". This changes the meaning of 'progress' from verb to noun.
    "reply to a blue truth that has unanswered question" reply to a blue truth that has an unanswered question
    "upmost respect" utmost respect
    "Strings that utilize strings" No shit.
    "The string obviously then through the keyhole in the door" ???
    "If it’s impossible to do, it may be worth to consider" worth it to consider
    "How does the detective not notice the key being placed in the pocket?" has some extra spacing before the line

    also, this kind of formatting with examples is very likely to create confusion in which example refers to what thing:

    [Example A]
    This is an example of (whatever).
    [Example B]

    Is Example A the example? Or is Example B the example? It's easy to lose track.

    The early part of this guide was part of why I felt more confident writing despite having only reading experience. Though the Umineko-focused aspect probably applies less now, if that's the thing that would be 'outdated'.

    Although there were Umineko-themed mysteries that introduced a new premise, it is more common for mysteries with totally original premises to appear now, which are not as limited in scope as locked rooms and may not even involve death. Original premises often create original tricks as well.

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    This stands for Highest Of Meme Endings right?

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