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    -=(blue)The oil/substance is prepared in such a way that it sticks to the first thing that goes/drives over it. In other words, Fox's jeep itself cleaned the bridge off the trap while driving over it!=-

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    There are electrical wires running under the bridge, right? Or so one would assume from the presence of the cameras and such.

    -=(blue)Since it was built last, it's possible that the culprit and accomplice interfered with the process by planting some kind of hazard on the bridge- for instance, removing some of the plating from the high voltage wires and redirecting them close to the street's surface. With the rain, the electricity then zapped Fox in the Jeep, causing him to lose control of the car=-!

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    -=(blue)During the night, the culprit surreptitiously placed either some glass shards or some ice spikes at the blind spot, by sliding them past the cameras. Of course, this was caught on camera, but thanks to them being transparent and with the aid of the darkness in the footage, nobody was able to notice! These then either melted away, or were brushed aside from the impact and therefore did not cause any other vehicle to malfunction.=-

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    There's something we've all been forgetting about...

    The missing element...

    The key to this mystery...

    That's right!



    It's been established that there are seagulls on the island! They likely have their nests in high places. Such as...on top of the pillars with the cameras!

    -=(blue)The culprit put some seagull bait and attached it to Gray Fox's jeep. So as the car was passing the checkpoint, a swarm of hungry seagulls went flying against it to snatch the snacks. One of them got stuck under the tires and caused the car to go out of control!

    And of course, since there needs to be some sort of long broom or ladder to clean the aforementioned seagull nests, this was used by the culprit to strike Miller all the way from the restroom window, pinning him against the wall and strangling him!
    (Or alternatively, she used a lasso made of rubber band to snatch his neck and strangle him from afar, assuming it doesn't count as rope-like!)=-

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    Let's officialize this.

    -=(blue)The culprit tied a sturdy steel rope attached to the clinic to the back of Naomi's jeep, which caused her to be violently ejected out of the car once the rope ran out of slack. The culprit then untied the rope and the accomplice pulled it all the way back into the clinic.

    Which of course, makes Sniper Wolf the culprit, and Roy Campbell her accomplice.=-

    As for Mantis's murder:

    -=(blue)When Mantis walked into the office, the accomplice was there to greet him, as a distraction.

    The culprit was hidden in the restroom and threw a stone at him with her imba sharpshooting skills, which dazed him long enough for the accomplice to physically restrain him. The culprit could then throw a knife into his chest through the window!=-

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    Bows to the crowd

    Hello hello! Please allow me to join on this performance.

    My singing voice is pretty terrible though.

    -=(blue)The culprit is Krauss. When his plan fails, he decides to kill everyone who's in the know regarding the dead Kinzo conspiracy to prevent the others from finding out and suddenly takes a liking to the killing. His wife also has to die because he's sick of her doubting and limiting his investments. Perhaps he even finds out about the Shannon/Kanon thing around this time, so he moves Kanon's body into the other room after changing it into Shannon clothes, dumps it near the entryway and then prevents anyone from entering Kanon's crime scene again.
    (Shannon and Kanon are definitely not separate people on this gameboard, this is clear from the context of many of the fantasy sections early on, which makes Krauss by far the most suspicious person on the board.)
    Anyhow, first locked room is otherwise pretty clear. Only uncertain point is the 5th bullet supposedly having been shot into Shannon despite Kanon dying by strangulation, but Krauss could have covered the neck signs with makeup and then shot a bullet into her already dead body with the gun in the parlor.

    Second Twilight seems to be pretty clear too. Krauss attacks in the dark after tinkering with some electric panel in the basement to cause the blackout. Victims are carried and stabbed in the kitchen, then the big counter is dragged against the door with a sturdy rope as the others have theorized.

    Now for an interesting one, Kinzo. Krauss manages to find out Kinzo is still alive. He probably assumes Kinzo will be happy about Krauss performing the ceremony and so asks him about the gold. Kinzo's like "no bruh you have to solve the epitaph, what are you even doing". He gives Krauss a hint about Taiwan but Krauss is still pissed off and kills him in his secret room behind the mirror, then paints the sign outside.

    But how is Kinzo able to move to and from the guesthouse from now on, you ask? It's very simple, the guesthouse was actually entirely planned out by Krauss himself. So just like Kinzo was able to include his secret room in his study, Krauss also has knowledge of a secret exit by the library. While he's in the library he also manages to do some epitaph solving with the atlas.

    Now for the rest of the locked rooms.. Gohda's pretty self-explanatory. Eva is more interesting. The biggest clue here is that "the VIP room's door is very sturdy." In other words, this implies Eva's room has a much less sturdy door. So all it takes is to carve a portion of the door out, set the chain by hand through the opening, then re-seal it with duct tape. George is gonna kick it down anyways and likely not closely examine it for signs of tampering.

    As for Hideyoshi, the method is similar to the kitchen locked room. In other words, it seems to involve a rope under the door. So the chain was set by using this rope tied to it. Of course, this rope also needed to be anchored to another rope inside the room to make the trick work. And this is why Hideyoshi is holding a phone. The wire of the phone was used as part of the chain setting trick (alternatively, his guts, although that might have left more obvious traces).

    Oh and Krauss also recorded Hideyoshi's desperate words on a tape recorder and later played them after calling George with the internal line from the library. This gave him an alibi since Hideyoshi was supposedly still alive shortly before Krauss showed up in the guesthouse.

    Finally, once Jessica left, Krauss subdued everyone inside and killed everyone, maybe dying in the process (leaving Jessica the only survivor).=-

    Thank you, thank you! No need to applaud.

    retires from the stage

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    There is a certain sequence of events that would explain everything neatly and tidily, which seems to be expressively left open by the narration. It may be a trap, but I will go for it regardless.


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    For interested readers, here's the main core of our ruleset, which you can read in its entirety on the following signup document penned by the one and only Jam Master Zepfur / Enigma / Zen Magpie:

    The Will of Causality

    I’m getting
    Lost on this road of illusions
    And what once was,
    I am sure I can’t control anything

    ~ Redo; Re:Zero

    The Decalogue

    In order to keep this story fair, the following decalogue must be followed.

    1. The culprit must be one of the characters introduced in the first chapter.
    2. Only supernatural forces explicitly and directly established within a given setting may factor into the solution
    3. No secret passages that aren't directly established in the narrative may be used.
    4. No complex or unusual poisons or technological appliances can play a part in the solution unless they are clearly established and thoroughly explained in the narrative.
    5. No musicals/opera/other-song-based genres may be used as a setting.
    6. Please avoid excessive contrivances in your solution
    7. There is only one culprit. The same character is responsible for any and all murders in all worlds.
    8. The narration should provide the reader with enough clues to establish the key points behind each crime.
    9. The protagonist’s viewpoint is objective. They are not infallible and may be tricked, but they may not lie in their narration or be an unreliable narrator in any way.
    10. No body doubles or improbable feats of disguise are permitted unless the possibility is established in that setting.

    World Rules

    The following are rules pertaining to the overall narrative that must hold true in all chapters. These may be added to or changed in discussion before the first week of writing begins.

    -Only the protagonist retains their memory of previous worlds between loops.
    -Different worlds may include a few minor/background characters separate to the main cast. But they shouldn’t get more focus than said cast.
    -The protagonist is not the culprit.
    -The culprit may only have one accomplice. That accomplice is consistent in all worlds. They do not, however, need to use an accomplice in their plan.
    -Whenever the protagonist shifts into another world, their memories overwrite the memories of the them in the new world. They may have flashbacks to the memories of their new self, however.

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    Let's flip this base a little more! Maybe it'll shake some dust off.

    -=(blue)The blueprints for the base were hand-delivered by Dr.Schultz...

    In other words, the blueprints themselves could have been tampered with to allow the cube to fall down into the base without getting stuck in the sides.

    Since she also supervised the installation of the climate control mechanisms, there could have been enough of a gap left to swallow the cube. And there could be a remote mechanism to flip the base, one that would make a whirr sound when activated and a tink sound once the cube falls down. As long as the card is placed on the other side of the flipped base, the trick easily works.

    But what about not damaging the engine?

    Well, it's simple: we know the object inside the case was the true engine, but that doesn't mean all of it is authentic. I suggest that the culprit 3d-printed an identical looking protective shell to encase the true engine with. The difference in size would be small enough that nobody would notice when staring through the case, and that way, the protective layer would protect the engine from incurring any damage from the fall.=-

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    No aircraft has been mentioned, huh?

    -=(blue)I beg to differ!

    After all, The Monarch clearly mentions "Ravens in the sky", even though we know for a fact from an authority on birds that no actual ravens actually fly on the island.

    Therefore, the "Ravens" that are mentioned by Monarch are indeed the names of a type of aircraft used by the military!

    The rest stands as above!=-

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