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    This board is one giant deception by someone who wanted to write a perfect crime, also memes.

    The culprit is Fenris, even if it was not intentional at all.

    The night before, Beowulf entered the unlocked apartment and planted the blood from his leg on the floor (possibly all of it, certainly at least the one between the two doors). Wolfgang missed this blood when he left, having just woken up, also the rooms were dark.

    Beowulf stole a ton of silver, specifically for this trick. His accomplice Lykos helped him prepare for this trick and started blatantly telling Wolfgang bs about the pendant. Beowulf rode the wheel, and intentionally dropped the silver to give Wolfgang a hint (remember, this is a mystery fiction), as expected Wolfgang returned to the booth and made the cabin ascend.

    When he was at the top, Beowulf moved all the weight to one side of the cabin (his body, the silver and the coins, there were probably a lot more), so the cabin slowly started spinning by itself because of the weight, and reached the bottom, then Lykos freed Wolfgang, and they took all the silver out. Notice how they did this while Wolfgang was distracted by Geri and Freki, and the perfume was to mask Beowulf’s scent.

    Beowulf quickly made his way to Wolfgang’s apartment, while the third tenant entered it with a mask at 7:06, a pandemic is going on (or they were bribed). When Beowulf reached the apartment, he noticed the blood on the floor since he was looking down, and unlocked the door. While Wolfgang was distracted, waiting for Fenris, Beowulf entered the apartment and took the kitchen knife, then he went to the door to set the chain...

    It would all be good, but when Fenris tries to open the chained door, Beowulf is holding the knife, and his hand is accidentally pushed so that he stabs himself, afterall he had entered something like 15 seconds earlier, he was still setting stuff up, It doesn’t help that right after that, Fenris destroys the door, launching Beowulf into the room and sinking the knife way deeper in.

    Meeting Fenris there really was unfortunate in the end.

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    Collaborative blue with Xak and BP.

    The culprit is X.

    Beowulf had planted the blood traces between the two doors in the apartment beforehand, and covered them with a carpet.

    Beowulf had been preparing for the escape, so he waited for a full moon to happen, and when it happened he rode the wheel. As soon as he reached the top, the timing was perfect, and while Wolfgang was distracted by Geri and Friki, the tides caused by the full moon were pushed on the wheel by the wind, the wheel then started turning, helped by the momentum of the tides given by the speed of the river. When Beowulf reached the lower-half, presumably the bottom, the culprit freed him, and they went to the apartment.

    The culprit killed Beowulf near the window, outside, then took his blood and started planting it across the hallway, they also removed the carpet from underneath the door, the blood was now clearly visible. Wolfgang returned to the apartment and unlocked the door, seeing all the blood, meanwhile the culprit sneaked past him while he was distracted by Fenris, and entered the apartment, chain-locking the door.

    The culprit then opened the window and took Beowulf's body from outside and put it in the room. The culprit crawled on top of the ceiling hiding, between Fenris breaking the door and Fenris beginning the search of the apartment, the culprit left by crawling along the ceiling, unnoticed.

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    I'll keep this within the realm of possible.

    The culprit is Lykos.

    Before Wolfgang could return to the booth, Lykos made the ferris wheel spin really fast, and it reached the top quickly, meanwhile Beowulf slammed against the sides of the cabin just like DWaM suggested, and at some point it detached from the ferris wheel and went flying, straight to Wolfgang's apartment.

    Lykos knew how the ferris wheel worked, so he could help Beowulf with this. Notice how Beowulf didn't die, since the cabin protected him, and the glass is strong enough to not break. As for how a 30 minute travel was achieved in one flight, the route Wolfgang normally takes is the intended one, while Beowulf avoided all of that, perhaps jumping over a river.

    Now, Wolfgang returned to the booth, and he gave the wheel a normal spin, so the cabin that was at the bottom when the cabin got detached went to the top, and Wolfgang didn'tt think anything was amiss. Wolfgang didn't notice a cabin was missing because there were a lot of them.

    Lykos then disguised himself as one of the men in black, And Lupa as the other, and pretended nothing happened, he knew about them since Beowulf told him. Lupa didn't have any other role in this, they were bribed by Lykos just for this.

    While Lykos and Lupa were beating Wolfgang, Lykos took the strap from him, then he rushed to Wolfgang's apartment and freed Beowulf from the cabin, he managed to arrive before Wolfgang since Wolfgang was severely injured. Beowulf was bleeding because of the fall, and walked to the front of Wolfgang's apartment, then he entered, as was shown on the footage by the camera in front of the door.

    How did he enter, you ask? Wolfgang's apartment is yet another wheel, so Lykos made the rooms rotate, and Beowulf took a second key for that apartment, which he took from the landlord in Berlin after killing him. This key was never used on the door to Wolfgang's apartment, so this is not considered a relevant key for it. Fenris' apartment isn't part of the mechanism, that's why it didn't rotate.

    Anyways... Beowulf entered the apartment, and Fenris saw it on the footage, then he walked into the room, the blood that was dripping was from the injury Beowulf got when the cabin crashed, he also locked the door from inside and set the chain. Beowulf opened the window and dropped a rope he had brought with him, hidden under his clothes. Lykos entered the apartment through there, but Beowulf had different plans, he pushed Lykos out of the window, and dropped the key out of it, the strap fell to the floor while Beowulf was pushing Lykos.

    Beowulf took a knife from the kitchen, because he saw the strap and thought of a contraption that would reasonably work on a beaten up Wolfgang, he glued the knife to the ceiling, thinking that Wolfgang would try to pick up the strap, and then he would shake the unstable room through the wheel contraption, so that the knife would stab him in the back, but Lykos, with the last strength of his, did it instead while Beowulf was placing the strap correctly, and the knife stabbed Beowulf in the back while falling, helped by the moving room so that it got deeper in.

    When Wolfgang got to the apartment, he was so messed up that he didn't notice the apartment wasn't his, even if it was really similar, the room being poorly illuminated didn't help either.

    The reason for this mess? Part of it wasn't planned, as you'll notice. Money, of course, The plan was for them to share it, but Beowulf betrayed Lykos and pushed him out of the window at the end. The reason for the presence of both banknotes and coins is that Beowulf was poor, while Lykos was rich and handed some of it to Beowulf for the plan.

    The reason for choosing Wolfgang's apartment was that Lykos already knew where it was and he could set up the trick easily, knowing how it really functioned, and they both had some past grudge over Wolfgang (this might be due to shady affairs of Wolfgang, and that is the reason why he has a fake name).

    The men in black at the end are the real men in black, they were called by Beowulf, who told them Wolfgang was hiding him.

    At some point Beowulf sprinkled some perfume across the room so that when the men in black eventually came, he could take them by surprise and not be detected by the dogs.

    Wolfgang didn't notice the men in black weren't the same ones he saw because they were covered in black, they barely talked and he wasn't in a great condition after being beaten, at the end.

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    The first killer is Akari, who killed the first three victims with the signature of the popular girl who lost a relative in the war. The motive was she was inspired by [The Smiles of Heaven].

    Seguko is the second culprit, and he is Junsuke as well. His narration during the fourth and fifth murder is very detached, so he may very well have killed them. He killed Meruko and didn't remember it because of the hangover, maybe he thought he had killed someone else. Seguko may be aware when he becomes Junsuke, or he may not be.

    The motive is he wants to reenact what happened in [The Smiles of Heaven], and see if Naito will smile. The second signature is "girls who live with their brother".

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    Same theory as above, but Leraz is the second culprit, and Leraz is also Junsuke's child (perhaps Seguko's), since Junsuke and his wife had an argument. So Leraz followed his father's steps and reenacted [The Smiles of Heaven].

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    The first killer is Akari, who killed the first three victims with the signature of the popular girl who lost a relative in the war. The motive was she was inspired by [The Smiles of Heaven].

    The second killer is Winter, with the signature of killing girls who take care of their brother. He is a fan of Seguko... and so he is a fan of Masahiro Junsuke, because they are the same person! Seguko speaks of Junsuke like he is a different person because he feels detached from him, as if when he writes as Junsuke he's on a whole different level, and not himself.

    Winter followed [The Smiles of Heaven] as well, seeing if Naito would smile in the end, after all that happened (that's the reason for the mockery), as the protagonist of the novel did.

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    The second culprit is Winter, and the second signature is having a brother living with the girl that the girl takes care of. The last three victims follow this pattern. The notes were an additional mockery to the Detective.

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