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    Thanks, Sega.

    Here is a Handbook designed to help out mystery-construction for people who aren't familiar with how gameboards work, or just don't know where to start in creating mysteries in general. It's over a year old by now, so it might've (somehow?) become outdated, but I think the general principles will still appy. It also features examples of existing gameboards, giving you a chance to familiaritze yourself with gameboard history, pre-City Of Books.


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    no i solved this.

    when i gave up

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    I hereby christen the revival of our beautiful site with this garbage.

    It's also a test to see if the posting actually workerinos for everyone. And to make sure that if anyone references this particular set of games in-Discord, that they can easily find my shame here.

    This is the Home trilogy.

    Yes, this is the 200-page total gameboard. Yes, this is the bad one. Yes, this is the one where Xak suggested George was still faking his death after all his organs were taken out and found next to him. And the one where the actual set of solutions are arguably even less believable than that.

    Welcome to Hell.



    (This one has Chiru Spoilers!)

    Still, you know. Might not be a terrible reading time. I don't know.

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