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    It's all just a wacky accident.

    We've been over the blood trail. We've been over how Beowulf sneaks into the apartment himself and sets the chain while Wolfgang is distracted. Won't go over those again.

    The ferris wheel worked like this: first, extra weight was put in all of the cabins. Nexxt, the controls/break/whatever were tampered the night before to cause the wheel to always be slowly turning. So slowly one wouldn't notice it if they weren't actively staring at the thing for half an hour.

    When Beowulf goes up, this sabotage causes him to shift a cabin. After this, the culprit takes some weight off the lower cabins, causing a weight imbalance, making the ferris wheel stand back in place once more.

    An accomplice helps Beowulf escape while the goons are searching the wrong cabin.

    While the search continues, the accomplice is covertly removing the extra weight from the other cabins: while one cabin is being searched, the accomplice is removing the weight from the one next in line. This way, nothing is amiss at the time of searching.

    The death is an accident. Beowulf slipped due to the bad luck of the charm, the knife flew in the air along with the charm. He landed on his stomach due to the weight of the silver. The knife fell onto his back. The charm then landed on the back of the handle, pushing the blade further in, making it appear the knife couldn't have landed there through simple gravity.

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    Let Xak, BP and I's powers combine and summon Captain Bullshit. With muscles and everything.

    The culprit is X.

    The night before, Wolfgang forgot to lock the door to his apartment after returning home. The culprit or Beowulf went into the apartment, did something (like get the knife) and left, leaving behind a trail of blood. The trail of blood could've been left due to Beowulf's actual injury if it was him, or by the blood culprit got on him while treating the injury.

    Alternatively: Wolfgang slept with his window open and the culprit snuck in, leaving through the door.

    If the door was locked when Wolfgang woke up, the culprit locked it by simply setting the deadbolt on before leaving, causing it to lock behind him when he shut the door.

    Alternatively: Culprit entered through the unlocked door, locked it behind him, did his thing and left through the open window.

    The intruder doesn't notice the trail of blood due to the darkness. Wolfgang doesn't notice the trail of blood the next morning because he's in a rush. The other tenants don't notice the trail of blood because they don't step out into the hallway to begin with -- they're in self-isolation.

    For the ferris wheel escape: X puts a cardboard cutout against the window of a cabin 3 cabins or so away from Beowulf's. It is outside of the cabin, not contradicting the red. Beowulf gets locked in, then Wolfgang enters the booth and looses sight of Beowulf. Beowulf ducks, so all wolfgang see is the cutout. The cutout is brought to the top.

    When the ferris wheel is brought down, the wrong cabin is there. Meanwhile, the cabin Beowulf is actually in is positioned directly above the control booth. The culprit opens the lock and lets Beowulf escape. While getting off the top of the booth, Beowulf's leg wound reopens.

    The cutout itself disappears either due to a string pull, or by falling off on its own at some point due to the wind.

    The culprit and Beowulf go to the apartment building. They enter through one of the upstairs windows, avoiding the camera.

    The culprit treats Beowulf's wound. While doing this, he plants a bag of cyanide to burst and kill Beowulf instantly.

    11 PM. Wolfgang returns. Beowulf sees the goons decend upon the place. Thinking X betrayed him, Beowulf and X fight. X stabs Beowulf in the back with the kitchen knife from Wolfgang's apartment, but it doesn't go in deep enough to kill him.

    Beowulf runs downstairs. Just as Wolfgang's attention's drawn away from the door because of Fenris, Beowulf goes into the apartment, setting the chain and leaning against the door.

    At this moment, the bag of cyanide bursts, killing him instantly.

    When Fenris devours the door, he sends Beowulf's body flying across the door. The force of the impact also causes the knife to wedge itself deeper, making it appear as if it was the cause of death.

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    The culprit is Lykos!

    At the moment the goons showed up the ferris wheel was going down, Lykos was standing on the roof of the control booth. When the cabin with Beowulf passed by him, he unlocked it, letting him out, and quickly locked it back again. While everyone was busy searching the cabins, the two simply got down and ran away.

    The person seen at 7:06 at the camera was Lykos himself.

    After escaping, Lykos hid Beowulf in the apartment building, bandaging his leg. Under the bandages, however, he planted a small bag of cyanide, which could've burst at any point.

    11 PM. Wolfgang returns. He unlocks his door. The trail of blood in the hallway is Beowulf's from the time Lykos had walked in at 7:06 (the blood could've gotten on him from participating in some other tending to Beowulf's leg wound).


    The trail of blood Wolfgang saw in the entrance was NOT blood.

    It was jam. From the slice of bread he'd made that afternoon after sleeping in and rushing to work. The darkness simply made him mistake it for blood.

    At some point upstairs, Lykos stabs Beowulf in the bag. He either got tired of waiting for the cyanide to work or the two got into some kind of on argument after Beowulf saw the goons start to arrive at the apartment building having followed Wolfgang. Beowulf does not die from this, and instead runs downstairs, away from Lykos.

    Downstairs, Fenris turns Wolfgang's attention away from the door. Beowulf appears from the opposite direction and dashes into the apartment, deciding to escape through the window. Still believing Lykos had given him up, and finding it super-suspicious the wheel operator is there, he doesn't trust either of them; setting the chain in the main room. As he does all this, he now leaves a trail of actual blood behind him.

    As he approaches the window, the bag of cyanide bursts, killing him instantly.

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    The culprit is X.

    Before Beowulf began his ascent, an inflatable doll was placed in the cabin directly next to the one at the very bottom. The door to this cabin was properly locked.

    When the Ferris wheel began its ascent, there would have been an angle where Wolfgang temporarily wouldn't have been able to see Beowulf's cabin. It is at this point that Beowulf ducked and activated the infaltable doll to start inflating. After bringing the cabins up, Wolfgang went outside and checked to make sure he'd gotten Beowulf up in the right cabin. He saw the infaltable doll believing it was him and was satisfied.

    Minutes pass. The goons arrive. Beowulf -- in the cabin next to the one Wolfgang thinks Beowulf is -- activates the remote yet again, blowing the doll up. The doll's remains would've been considered trash; and the goons wouldn't have paid attention to it in wake of smashing up the cabin, anyway. If you don't like that, then their vision is impaired and while they're not totally blind, they can't see entirely well and missed the scraps. The dogs are there as guide dogs.

    When the cabin is brought down and Geri and Ferki start tearing it up, the culprit covertly sneaks up to the wheel, unlocks the cabin where Beowulf is, and the two of them run away.

    During this, the culprit makes some quick preparations. At 7:06, he enters Wolfgang's apartment building, being captured on the cameras. The door does not need a key to be locked or unlocked from the inside, let us suppose. He thus unlocks the door from the outside using method X: either a wire underneath the door or a magnet or something; just not a lockpick, as that would leave scratch marks.

    He goes in, locks the door behind him, and leaves.

    Later, he and Beowulf enter the apartment through the open window. At some point they get into an altercation, and Beowulf gets injured. Beowulf starts running out of the apartment and gets out in the hallway, but the culprit catches up to him and knocks him out.

    The culprit then carries Beowulf back into the apartment.

    11 PM. Wolfgang returns. Upon hearing footsteps, the culprit goes out into the entraceway to check who's coming. At this point, Beowulf activates. He shuts the door to the main room, setting the chain. The culprit doesn't have a lot of options, but he's sure as hell not one to give up.

    He takes the knife and slings it through the gap in the door. It hits Beowulf in the back, just as he's moving toward the window to his escape.

    The front door to the apartment opens. The culprit hides behind the door, leaving a trace of perfume out in the entranceway.

    In the 15 seconds it takes for Fenris to get the book, the culprit slips out of the hallway and escapes. Alternatively, the culprit slips out of the hallway and escapes right before Fenris and Wolfgang are deciding what to do about the chain lock.

    If you don't like knife throwing, then the culprit stabbed Beowulf and then set the chain from the outside: which is no contradiction, because the chain is on that side to begin with, and the two mistook it for being set on the inside due to the darkness. The rest of the escape still happens the same way.

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    The culprit if Wolfgang. He has a split personality -- let's call it the Werewolf. Wolfgang is not aware of the times this split personality take over, to him it just seems like time passing by faster than usual, as long as Werewolf comes back to the exact same place he started.

    After bringing Beowulf up, Werewolf took over. Werewolf brought Beowulf back down, knocked him out. Werewolf then went across the river, disguised himself as Beowulf, and entered the apartment building. Werewolf then unlocked the door to the apartment, locked it behind him, and brought Beowulf in through window, leaving it unlocked. The trail of blood was the blood dripping from Beowulf's coat, which Werewolf was wearing, likely due to an injury Beowulf sustained when Werewolf was trying to knock him out. He then went back across the river to the amusement park.

    Werewolf knew about the cameras. If Beowulf had later escaped, Werewolf would claim that Beowulf was seen entering the apartment building normally, of his own volition, making the story about being kidnapped at the ferrish wheel questionable.

    He then returned to his post, where he gave control back to Wolfgang.

    After getting beat up, Wolfgang stumbled home. Werewolf, shortly before he arrived, took control of him yet again. He understood that the man he was trying to steal silver from was into some deep shit, and that it would be bad to keep him alive. The goons were about to catch up to him, and if they found the unconscious Beowulf in the apartment, it'd be bad news. He decided to kill Beowulf and get the body away.

    He snuck back in through the window and did the deed.

    He was about to drag Beowulf's corpse out when he realized he was too weak to do it. The damage to his body was too great. Worse yet, leaving him here would stink the place up. What to do, then? He realized that he couldn't just leave his apartment back through the window: the goons would catch up to him, he was safer here. But he couldn't just huddle in the apartment, either. The body was going to be found no matter what. He knew that the moment Fenrir checked the cameras he'd realize something was up if Wolfgang wasn't seen entering through the front door.

    Werewolf would have to risk it. Create an impossible crime.

    He set the chain from the inside and left through the window. He let Wolfgang back into control, making him think he was just arriving back in his apartment.

    Werewolf took back over for a single crucial moment -- when Fenrir was in the bathroom. He leapt to the window and locked the window, closing the locked room. With this, not even Wolfgang would be suspected. And Wolfgang himself knowing nothing of the plan, the only thing he would be able to give is a bizarre story about a man disappearing from the ferris wheel and appearing in his apartment. Even with the key on him, the inner locked room would not be explainable, so he would be safe...

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    Why let the party stop here?

    The culprit is Fenrir. The "raveging" and "devouring" of the mystery do not necessarily mean he solved it.

    The escape from the Ferris wheel could've been one of the previously-suggested ideas. I'll also throw in some additional ones:

    --> There is a secret compartment that allowed Beowulf to hide from the goons.

    --> One of the goons is an accomplice to Beowulf's escape and pretended not to find him during the search.

    --> The cabins are made of wood, and a secret hole was made -- big enough for a person to pass through a hand, but small enough to where entering/leaving would be impossible. This would allow Beowulf to pass his hand through it and unlock the door from the outside: while being inside.

    The footage at 7:06 PM was Fenrir himself. He simply caught himself going home and decided to repurpose the footage to pass it off as Beowulf.

    Beowulf himself was, at some point, assaulted and brought to Fenrir's apartment through the window. At some point, he was wounded but managed to escape the apartment, rushing to Wolfgang's apartment. He was likely banging for help. Fenrir caught up to him and knocked him out.

    He then had the idea of framing Wolfgang. He took the unconscious Beowulf, got him outside the building through the window. Then, due to the old nature of the building, he carried Beowulf into Wolfgang's apartment by removing the (likely wooden window) in its entirety; glass and lock and everything. He then carried the body in, stabbing him in the back and leaving him be. He pulled the window back.

    Wolfgang returns. He sees droplets of blood (but doesn't realize they don't fully go from the entrance, but rather at some point in the hallway). At this same time, Beowulf -- with a knife in his back but still alive -- wakes up and tries to make a break for it. He's leaving a trail of blood behind him as he does this. He gets to the entrance door. However, when he hears the door being unlocked, he gets startled and hides behind it.

    When Wolfgang looks in, he sees the trail seemingly continuing into the entrance.

    At this point, Fenrir calls out to Wolfgang. Wolfgang's attention is drawn away from the hallway. Beowulf takes the chance to peer into the main hallway. And what does he see? Fenrir, the man who attacked him, and Wolfgang, the man who operated the wheel. It can't be a coincidence. Something's gone fucked. These men want to kill him.

    So what does he do? He dashes back into the apartment, locking the door behind him with the chain. He then tries going for the window, but passes out in the meantime.

    While Fenrir is searching the room, he pushes the knife deeper into Beowulf. Beowulf had died earlier, but Fenrir realizes what must've happened and decides to make the death appear instantaneous. He also pushes the window further into the wall, making it appear as if it had been firmly in place the entire time.

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    Let's rock 'n' roll.

    First, the disappearance. I'll upgrade Fury's theory. The lock was perfectly functional. Once he got to the top, Beowulf slammed against the sides of the cabin, causing it to shimmy left and right, giving it momentum until:

    The whole fucking thing rotated around the bar holding it. In the moment it was upside down, the latch came off by itself due to gravity!!

    I could argue that Beowulf parachuted across the river or something. But let's keep things reasonably sane.

    The leg injury was faked. In actuality, Beowulf could easily climb -- and he did so -- moving to one of the side cabins. It's important to note which one. If we assume the ferris wheel moves a clockwise direction, Beowulf would move to the one directly RIGHT of his cabin. Why? Because when his captors bring the ferris wheel down, if he assumed (correctly) that his captors would go on to search the cabins, that one would be the very last one to possibly be searched. Then, it was simple: after they started searching through the cabins, Beowulf simply carefully returned to the cabin he had originally been in. Since they would likely not search the same cabin twice, they would never find him.

    Alternatively, he could've simply slipped out when they were searching the first cabin, but then I imagine the dogs would've barked. Unless, of course, he had a different scent than the one given to them to track or something.

    Still, if this is all true, we have a problem. This is taking too much time. Beowulf had to already be at the apartments. In other words, the person caught on camera at 7:05 couldn't have been him. Very well. Let's have this man -- this stranger -- simply go down the hallway somewhere. He does not enter Wolfgang's room.

    After all, how could he? If the culprit was not in Wolfgang's room at the start of the day, and the culprit was not able to get the key, only one conclusion can possibly be made:

    In spite of the bloodtrail leading to his apartment, at the time he returned, there was nobody in it. The person who had entered -- the person who had been bleeding -- might've bled, leaned against the door to Wolfgang's apartment, managed to suppress the wound temporarily and made their way forward.

    But the fact of the matter remains someone DID get in. So how do we explain that?

    It's simple. We just need to remember the movements. As he's about to enter his apartment after unlocking it, Fenrir calls to Wolfgag, causing the latter to go back down the hallway. Understand? He was not in front of the door. This is important, because it means that when Fenrir went into his room for 15 seconds and Wolfgang was waiting for him: nobody was minding the door to the room.

    It was at this time that someone came from downstairs -- it was either Beowulf (who had, in the meantime, been let in through one of the upper windows by the masked man caught on camera), or the masked man himself. Since this man will be the victim, the implication of the latter option means the victim was not actually Beowulf, but someone with his face and wallet.

    The victim ducks into Wolfgang's apartment. The wound reopens, connecting the bloody trail from before. He goes into the main room, setting the main chain. He then leans against the door. It's his weight that prevents a gap.

    When Fenrir bursts through the door -- devours it -- the victim is hit with such force that they fly across the room, hitting the kitchen counter, which, in turn, causes the knife to fly from the countertop, into their back, and the victim to roll onto the floor, finally ending up on their stomach.


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    Bursts through the window

    Merry chrustmas

    First, early in the morning, the culprit had actually been hidden in Wolfgang's apartment. After Wolfgang left, they simply unlocked the front door from the inside (since I imagine on the inside is a simple bolt.) The culprit then escaped through the window.

    Next up, the disappearance.

    In the time it took for Wolfgang to get to the control booth, the culprit snuck into one of the cabins to the side of the one Beowulf was in. After the ascent, the culprit maneuvered to Beuwulf's cabin, unlocked the door, pushing him out and into the river below. This caused the injury Beowulf would receive, causing the bleeding. The culprit then closed the cabin and jumped into the water, but with grace, managing to avoid significant injuries. Dragging himself and Beowulf to the other side of the shore, we come to our first twist.

    Wolfgang's apartment is actually on the other side of the river. The 30 minute commune is simply the time it takes to go down the river, cross the bridge, and go back up to the park. By directly swimming, the commute is cut to nil.

    Now, while on the other side of the shore, the culprit makes a preparation. This is where the second twist comes in.

    Beowulf has no legs. That's why he had difficulty walking -- because of the artificial legs he was on. The culprit throws those away.

    Now comes the third twist: the culprit is really really short.

    The culprit puts the dazed Beowulf on his shoulders, puts a mask on him, and puts a coat over them. He then walks over to Wolfgang's apartment, goes through the front door, and simply enters Wolfgang's apartment. He goes into the room, locking the front door, making sure the window is locked and setting the chain. A bit before Wolfgang shows up, he stabs Beowulf and hides into the lower half.

    My incredible evidence for this is the money. While the amount doesn't make sense for one person, it does if we assume it was the combined amount of two people. The culprit had already had some money from before, and after dragging Beowulf out of the water, stuffed the other man's money in the coat, as well.

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    Thanks, Sega.

    Here is a Handbook designed to help out mystery-construction for people who aren't familiar with how gameboards work, or just don't know where to start in creating mysteries in general. It's over a year old by now, so it might've (somehow?) become outdated, but I think the general principles will still appy. It also features examples of existing gameboards, giving you a chance to familiaritze yourself with gameboard history, pre-City Of Books.


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    no i solved this.

    when i gave up

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