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    The mystery is now unveiled,
    The witch resigned, and you - prevailed.
    Now heed forth to the raven’s tale!
    That of a madman, strive and gale!

    Hello, hello, my dear stranger!
    I am a raven of this nondescript place,
    Beloved star to hundred folks, I wager,
    A deep sensation wrought by mirth and grace!

    There was a time when night and dim,
    Were mere servants of my whim.
    Under my gaze, beneath the moon,
    A play of fate adorned the gloom.
    Yet tables turned, and once a lord,
    Now trapped I stay, ensnared in time,
    A tool in hands of pitiful and pride.
    My feathers torn, my wishes tied,
    Replaced by metal, oil and snide.
    My brethren too resigned their fame,
    We drown in shame, oh, boundless shame!
    And like the rest of us I grieve,
    Alas, there is no soul in me.

    Still, might be of amuse,
    The story of my very birth,
    A stray idea that has broken loose,
    And brought myself upon the Earth!

    In forest thickets, near an arduous cliff,
    Bored with the world, engulfed in myth,
    A handsome artist, single of his kind,
    Lied there, where countless people lied.
    Unlike to them, he lived with smile,
    Amongst them - only one alive!
    He stretched and smirked and in a wink,
    Sprung up to dare the moonlight’s blink.
    The poet spoke and through his deed,
    A raven’s tale has been conceived.

    “No longer prisoner of fate!
    No puny human, but a saint!
    I have forsaken mortal ties,
    And arid wounds, and wretched lies!
    I shall no more abide their play!
    My life is mine, in night and day!

    Once was I like the rest - a shapeless, lonely, worthless form,
    Creator’s jest, a petty worm,
    Who squabbled over lowly needs and sins,
    And who one day will have no other fate,
    But to lie down beside his lifeless mate.

    Enough! Arise my ravens, let them hear,
    A song so soothing to the ear!
    I’ll march the world as your supreme,
    A valet to the dark and grim,
    For all the eerie things - messiah.

    Keep watch, my blackened birds,
    Applaud my reckless feats!
    There is no need for their accords,
    Those of my own I’ll follow leads!”

    And through the wind, the tale has spread,
    Across the errant minds of land,
    Of one, alive or maybe dead,
    Of one, who ravens tamed by hand.


    To devil’s genuine adore,
    A rusted bird takes wing ashore.
    And fazed not with the waves below,
    Dark raven soars the sky alow.

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    You can have this one.

    Although both of you got the part with one person falling on top of another, it mostly is as fedemon deduced in his blue.

    Ravens, as in, actual ravens, the birds, were pretty much a legend of sorts. A legend about dark silent ravens dwelling the crowns of the trees. Even if there were any left, their existence mattered little to this story. That is mostly the reason no one ever saw them fly, according to Avi. As an Aviarist he was, he only ever spoke of real birds, and after his departure from the scene in the forest, Avi was appalled by a complete absence of ravens he encountered along the way, which made him start searching for them. After all, although Avi saw ravens as repulsive, they were the birds he grew alongside with, or at least he wholeheartedly believed so. Even when commenting on the blues of yours, he only ever spoke of birds and never machines.

    As for the machines however... It isn't uncommon for military units to be named after an animal or other sort of natural phenomenon. And just like the armored vehicle Avi witnessed on the glade got its name from a panther, the army helicopter beared that of a raven.

    That was the only meaning other characters beside Avi implied. When the murder in the alleyway took place, as per Jester's observation - "So much noise, I can’t recall last time since I saw that many ravens in the sky at once. Screeching, spinning, snooping around, as if searching for something." The sky was totally occupied by helicopters. It was such a common sight on the island, that not a single person considered seeing one as noteworthy, leaving the murder unwitnessed.

    And lastly comes Dark. Blackmailed by his deputy, Dark decided on a plan to murder him, and, bound by his inability to fly, the deputy couldn't find a countermeasure. However, lieutenant could have never excepted another person dying because of that.

    As a side note, the scene at the forest might have been purely staged by Dark in advance, as a means to begin the rollout on the island and further mask his crime.

    And with that, this gameboard is officially over. Behave yourself and in a matter of time, the witch might release a special ending arc.

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    If the military had used any type of aerial machinery there is no way for dwellers of the island not to notice it, yet it wasn't mentioned in any of the chapters.

    And ravens weren't loud at all, they never had been after all... It seems even the birds of death have abandoned us.

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    Non-human entities aren't relevant to the story whatsoever.

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    To be falsely accused yet again… What a dismal world we live in.
    To your petty indignation however, my intentions were translucent as a bird’s warble all along. You’ve sagged deeper than you fathom, stranger.

    Still, I bet all of this this isn’t enough to satiate your queries. You wish to know what happened in the alleyway, am I right? Well heed the truth you longed for! Nothing, if I were to cut straight to the point. Not a single thing worth noting took place there. And if there was a thing, it masterfully eluded my eyes.

    There was something that kept prying my mind ever since I bid farewell to that officer in the forest. I shall omit the details not to feed your ignorance even further, but regardless, this thought of mine was what brought me to the deadly alleyway. I know they exist, everyone knows. I had to find them. It was my vocation to find them.

    When I passed through, I left the poor bastard wobbling in the corner. As for that deputy figure though, I struggle to recall anyone fitting his constitution. Moreover, no other man was there besides the local.

    After my search yielded no results, I returned to the Blackfeather street, right by the alleyway’s gate. I gazed inside slightly, and believe it or not but the scenery remained just as I left it. A slumped man wallowing in self-pity on the ground and not a single soul around to console him. Aside from that, he looked pretty sound and unscathed to me.

    Just like our dear Jester, I stood there through the whole night, surrounded by the thick stone of that hopeless city. No man walked by me. No man entered any of the buildings adjacent to the alleyway. Nothing. A peculiar case you have on your hands, stranger. A peculiar case indeed.

    Inadvertently, my glance roamed along the empty street. I couldn’t procure even a single feather in the end. I know they exist, everyone knows. But could it all be a lie?


    Everything said here adheres the rules of the gameboard. There is no deceit.

    Looks like you've been gifted with yet another perfectly sealed alleyway, dear readers.

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    The culprit wasn't in the alleyway when the murder took place there.

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    Ah, dear friend, such a pleasure to hear your charming voice! You seem to be confused, however, so allow me to alleviate your predicament. I am in no way related to the army, even more so to lieutenant Dark, and clearly I am not his deputy. Also I believe none of us died yet. By us I mean the four narrators as you might have surmised. Oh and before we part ways yet again, the witch has kindly asked me to deliver you a message of sorts, an advice to ease your struggles.

    cough, cough...

    She said READ. CAREFULLY.

    Yours, Avi~

    By the way, the murder method you presented will also be a matter of doubt in the future, The bodies were in a rather gruesome state when they were found, moreover, two people died at once. It is true that Jester only kept watch from one side, but It wouldn't be possible to commit the murder by ways you described (and any similar ways), without people on the Blackfeather street noticing. It would take too much time and attract too much attention.

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    An island long forsaken looms in the distance, and a lonely witch awaits you by the shore...


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