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    The game has been decided.
    Unable to save Xak, the City of Books had to concede.

    The winners are all members of The German Gang.
    Final count: 35 - 36.

    You get a passing grade, I suppose.


    Thanks for playing.

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    Somehow, the inconceivable occurred.

    -=(red)The German Gang has explained both cycles.=-
    -=(red)Xak has been saved.=-

    CoB will now gain +1 SP every 24 hours if no move is made.
    They also can't obtain GG's remaining red truths anymore, should there be any.

    I guess that means the match will be over in a maximum of four days.

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    Haha... ha...

    -=(blue)The culprit simply walked up to the blind spot and placed something slippery like oil there, then removed it afterwards.
    The platform was recently built, and the culprit saw to it that it never got properly connected to the rest of the bridge. Which meant, if it was a mobile floating platform, it could be moved around like this: =-

    -=(blue)Totally easy enough to do at night and then again in the morning before the others are awake and notice Fox is dead.=-

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    Are we in trouble?

    -=(blue)When the R&D platform was built, the culprit worked in some secret mechanism on the bridge that could be used to make the jeep lose control remotely. I'm thinking like a mechanism to raise a little ramp in the blind spot that would throw him off course.=-

    I guess 'recently built' could be enough of a hint for this.

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    -=(blue)The knife was attached to something that worked like a rake/seesaw. You know the classic gag.
    When Mantis stepped on it, his weight made it swing upwards, the knife piercing his chest and some other part hitting his face. In the office of course.=-

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    -=(blue)A knifegu-- crossbow-like thing was set up on Big Boss' desk that was rigged to launch a knife the moment the door opened. The head wound is from Mantis collapsing afterwards. Culprit is far away. No mind reading possible.=-

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    -=(blue)The 'heavy object trap' was actually set up in Big Boss' office. So when Mantis entered the room, some heavy thing fell on his head, knocking him down. A knife was set up on the floor and he fell into it as a result.=-

    -=(blue)Miller was strangled... from ground level, using a very long string/rope set up around his neck. This was done right after he asked who's there. It was then simply removed real quick.=-

    Imma get back to you on those jeeps later.

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    -=(blue)The culprit is Miller.
    The accomplice is Octopus.

    Mantis was knocked out by some heavy object trap as before.
    And sure, Miller saw that. And said nothing.
    He then dragged the body over to the office and used some flat long object as a slide, either from the rest room or the roof above, into the open office window and onto the table.

    Meryl was killed by some pre-planted poison gas in the kitchen. How? It was simply frozen and mixed with the food she wanted to prepare.

    Naomi's jeep was also pre-rigged to stop abruptly, ya didn't deny that yet.

    For Solidus, the cactus was glued to the shower head. SOlidus didn't look up and simply turned on the water, which made it fall on his neck.

    Snake was killed as has been theorized, by launching a stake with some rubber bands, crossbow or slingshot style.

    Fox and Ocelot... yep, it's just a rigged jeep again. Same as before.

    Big Boss was decapitated with a sword.

    Finally, Miller killed himself with some string/rope he left hanging down the side of the building. While Octopus was left behind in the main hall, he pulled it down and retrieved it before Raven and Wolf showed up.

    ...Ah, but how could Big Boss be killed like that after all swords got thrown away?
    Simple. Big Boss was actually killed the previous day - while he and Miller collected all the weapons.
    Octopus posed as him just in time when Erika got back to the helipad and threw everything out.
    The next day, he swapped back after Erika saw "Big Boss" leave the room, and was present for the R&D investigation and everything.
    This is also why he switched out his name from the kitchen list - Clearly the culprit was just fine with killing anyone, so why bother swapping any names unless they couldn't afford to have Octopus die?

    When Ocelot called in at the end to say they talked to Big Boss, that was actually either Miller or Octopus simply pretending to be Ocelot. (assuming Octopus has an alibi there due to Liquid, I guess he couldn't have posed as Big Boss again there, so that has to have happened instead)=-

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    -=(blue)The culprit placed some heavy object on top of the main entrance door so that it would drop on Mantis when he went there in the morning. Since it was a trap, there were no minds to read. Then the culprit dragged him to Big Boss' office and stabbed him there.
    Card key was placed in the room via string and tape :^)=-

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    -=(blue)Same thing but with the family member that would have had the easiest time to affect those guns in advance: Krauss Ushiromya!=-

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