• The culprit is Pale Darby, the obvious candidate for membership in the Kebur Clan.

    The illusion revolves centers on the fact that the culprit actually had access to every door in the west wing: the latches on the deluxe rooms were, in fact, magnets, while the latches on the normal rooms were steel. If necessary, the latches were plated to appear "steel" or "silver".

    The culprit also had access to two tools, which would later become one: a magnet and an identically shaped steel bar. With these, the steel bar could be used to manipulate the magnet latches, while the magnet could manipulate the steel latches, while the opposite does not hold true.

    So, depending on who the unlucky target ended up being, the culprit could manipulate their door and then dispose of the appropriate tool along with the syringe, leaving behind the tool that could not be used.

    Clearing away the remains of dinner is no longer a problem: with access to all the rooms, the culprit simply manipulated Kelsie's stopwatch, making the stretch of time appear shorter than it was.
  • The anagrams are as follow:
    1.Kelsie = Selkie
    2.Toja = Jota
    3. Lazer = Zarel
    4. Zen Magpie = Zep Enigma
    5. Pale Darby = Bad Player
    6. Dr. Mummies = Midsummer
    7. Mr. Pointy Error = EntropyMirror
    8. Chitinous Lithe Wolf = Illusion of the Witch
    9. For Nine = Inferno (aka Kojiroh)
    10. Ignis = Singi (Singidaiva aka Sigil.c)
    11. Uncle Bark = Blackrune
    12. Kebur Clan = Blackrune #2
    13. Evilest Rum = Multiverse
    14. Ax Beakbang = Xak Beanbag
    15. Go Aces = Segaco
    16. Mad W = DWaM
    17. Defamed Seaborg = Fedes Gameboard
    18. Greg Hal = ghagler
    19. Crank Lube = Blackrune #3
    20. Hey Plant = Enthalpy
  • The latches of the deluxe rooms are indeed made of non-magnetic silver and as the group investigation correctly surmised, no kind of magnetic manipulation is possible on them.
  • The culprit is most likely Zen Magpie. But it could have been any of the guests present, with the exception of the detective.

    During dinner, they stole one of Dr.Mummies syringes and laced it with deadly poison. They proceeded to hide it in Pointy Error's room.
    Later, after the soon-to-be victim returned to his room, the culprit used the strong magnet to move the syringe and make it pierce the victim's neck. It is not specified how strong this magnet was exactly, so it is possible it can reach something inside the room from outside. Zen Magpie's room was next to the victim's, so he could have attracted something through the wall.
    The same method could be used to tamper with Kelsie's stopwatch, if it is magnetic. Or maybe this happened by accident. That way, the culprit would have had enough time to clean out the kitchen.
    When the room was broken into, the culprit used the commotion to grab and hide the syringe.
  • She was correct about that.
  • The victim wouldn't just go back to sleep if they had just been attacked. Even if he had collapsed on the bed, he wouldn't accidentally tuck himself under the cover.
  • This mystery features no hidden compartments/passages.
  • The magnet was not unusually strong and wouldn't allow to pull off such elaborate tricks.
  • The culprit is Dr. Mummies.
    The rum had been tampered with, introducing a lethal poison into every person's body. This could have been accomplished without breaking the seal, via the use of a syringe.

    The goal was to have everyone except one person consume an antidote to the poison, which was introduced via the cupcakes.

    This makes the locked room murder trivial: the victim was poisoned by the rum, locked their door, and died in their sleep.

    Of course, something went wrong. A couple of people didn't consume the antidote, which would have blow the whole thing wide open. These two people later became the victims of an "attack" by Dr. Mummies: the true purpose of which was introducing the antidote into their bodies. This explains why Ignis, who only consumed a portion of the antidote, was feeling particularly ill later on in the story.
  • Nobody was the willing subject of an injection.
  • Created after the fact by the culprit during the examination of the body?
  • An allergic reaction that the culprit purposefully mischaracterized as a puncture mark?
  • Kelsie would not mistake something else for a puncture mark.
  • If anyone had been in possession of a puncturing tool at the time of the body search, or if such a thing had been hidden somewhere in the room, it would have been uncovered during the investigation.
  • Dr. Mummies had his tools with him at the time.
  • If Dr. Mummies had been carrying his tools with him, it would have been noted. However, nobody was found in possession of anything that could possibly leave such a mark on the victim.
  • Mr. Pointy Error was stung by a bee or some other stinging insect at some point earlier in the day.
  • Let's just include an insect sting in the definition of "not mistaking a puncture wound for something else". A puncture wound being left specifically by a syringe-like puncturing tool.
  • Dr. Mummies had stabbed Pointy with a syringe (or just a needle) earlier, unbeknownst to the rest of the group. Maybe he just stealthed it and stabbed him while engaging in some good-natured skinship before dinner, maybe Pointy took a nap (possibly assisted by drugs) during the boat trip to the island and was stabbed then.
  • If Mr.Pointy Error had displayed such an evidently suspicious mark at dinnertime, it would have been noticed by Kelsie. Of course, nothing on his person was covering his neck- including clothes or make-up.
  • Dr. Mummies was hiding in the Kitchen or Dining room, not in his room. He set his own lock using the magnet trick to fool Kelsie.
  • A small needle was used and then swallowed?
  • If the culprit had taken any clearly suspicious movements, such as surreptitiously swallowing something, it would have been noticed by Kelsie and the others.
  • Instead of swallowing it, he simply stabbed it into his own flesh.
  • Instead of swallowing it, he simply stabbed it into his own flesh.
  • he put it in his mouth as he facepalmed in response to PD's foolishness after Kelsie had announced that they'd do a body search.
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