• No one can hide from a camera. If the story said a camera did not see anyone, whether it be in an area or passing through an area, then no one existed in that area or passed through that area during that period (respectively). For the purposes of this Game, the cameras see the truth and can be trusted as Red themselves.
  • Dr. Jeremiah Snell is dead.
  • The story’s narration can be trusted as Red (from the perspective of an impartial investigator), though the rumors and the suspects’ testimony therein are not necessarily so.
  • The culprit is Dr. Arnold. He hid the arrow somewhere in the room, say between two pillows of a couch. The medication he gave Dr. Snell made the victim's back too numb to notice the arrow piercing him when he sat down later. In other words, it was a trap. The arrow did not immediately reach his heart, instead getting ever closer due to movements of the victim.
    The mysterious message had been the victim's own doing.
    He was the one who kept putting the glass panel on the roof. However, he wouldn't be able to do it that day, as the arrow in his back reached is heart while he was carrying the panel; he dropped and shattered it while dying.
  • The murder was direct! Meaning the arrow, when it pierced Dr. Snell, had a velocity which was directly applied to the arrow by the action of the murderer.
  • The panel was already on the roof at the beginning of the day, though it was not covering the hole; Dr. Snell did not move it the day he was murdered.
  • The culprit is none other than the general! Midway through the conversation, the doctor led him to the roof, and told him about the glass panel trick.

    Angered at the doctor's trick, the general stabbed him with an arrow he conveniently carried with him, killing him.

    Panicked, the general decided to put a superstitious aura around the mystery to try and distance it away from himself. He wrote the words on the shaft, moved the glass into place, and put the corpse over the glass.

    Due to the weight of the corpse, the glass would shatter given enough time.

    The General then quickly left the roof and the compound. Some minutes later, the glass break, delivering the doctor's body to the living room.
  • Dr. Snell only entertained his guests in the living room, where he was murdered; he never brought anyone with him to anywhere else in the compound.
  • The glass landed fully on top of Dr. Snell's body, meaning he could not have fallen through it.
  • Dr. Snell did not pass through the sole doorway to his living room (doorway being different from the hole in the ceiling) any time after 11:30!
  • It's the General.

    The victim refused to meet the general and instead went to the roof (he left the room before 11.30). The general saw him and decided to sneakily follow him. Once on the roof, the general found the glass panel and discovered that the victim was actually the one behind the sun god messages.

    He took this as a mockery of his superstitious believes, got angry, and stabbed him with an arrow he had.

    To try and frame this as some sort of divine intervention, he carved the message into the arrow and pushed the victim down the hole into the living room. He then dropped the glass panel onto the victim before leaving.
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