• No secret passages or trapdoors.
  • During the few minutes between the time when Beatrice and Albert arrived at the end of the pier and the time when the fog started to cover the scenery below, Beatrice would have noticed if Cornelius was hanging from the pier by a rope.
  • No one could have walked past Beatrice without her noticing it.
  • No one was hanging from the pier at any point in time.
  • The bridge really does extend a mile into the ocean.
  • No complex mechanisms were used.
  • Nothing Albert heard made him fall off the bridge.
  • The bridge doesn't curve or spiral to any significant degree.
  • Nothing made out of glass was attached to the bridge.
  • No one ever fell off the bridge because of a gust of wind.
  • Albert did not commit suicide.
  • Neither the pillars supporting the bridge nor the floorboards were ever moved after the bridge was completed.
  • The bridge really was completed at the time when the reporter took the photograph.
  • Two accidents involving electricity. It was foggy on both days. The higher humidity allowed for some current to flow. Option 1: Perhaps there were cables in the bridge originally intended to supply power to the scrapped observation deck. Option 2: The current came from static electrical charges in the atmosphere. Perhaps the altitude was high enough for that to work somehow. Anyway, instead the electric current took a path through the metallic walking stick. (Or in the case of Cornelius, the hammer he used for the final nail). In both cases, the person holding the object was shocked in two meanings of the word and fell over the inadequate railing.
  • no electricity was involved in either of the two disappearances.
  • ...beyond the trivial cases that would be necessary in order to make Beatrice's perceptions and the narration accurate..
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