• Joshua is either the culprit or an accomplice. Nora was poisoned because she drank the orange juice, and Kenny is either a culprit or accomplice, or was poisoned because he ate the salmon.
  • The shot within the Couple's house was discharged in the room where the corpse was found. It broke that room's window, having penetrated its target due to the gun's high caliber, letting the blood splatter out into the snow as a result.
  • Joshua's ingredients, cookings & juice are 100% edible, safe to ingest & also pretty good.
  • The corpse within the Couple's house's blood couldn't have gone past the window.
  • Kenny is the culprit. After he and the others left the three brothers' house he left the group, deposited Nora in her house, and went to the couple's house. The husband let him in and he then shot the husband. This got blood onto Kenny, who then broke the window himself and left the house, tracking blood onto the snow.

    He then went to kill the old man and noah - trivial murders - then head off to Nora once more. Since it was dark she couldn't see the blood on him. He gave her the old man's pendant and convinced her to head to the three brothers' house and show them the pendant (saying that it's a game or something) (so nora is an accomplice) and to lie about all the poisoning stuff.

    Alternatively, he did not kill noah and noah is an accomplice. Kenny faked himself being poisoned while Noah approached Nora as the ghost and gave her the pendant and instructions. Nora was poisoned by gas from the old man's house (since old man has some gas masks so presumably he has poisonous gas?)

    Finally, after all that, he head to the three brothers' home and did mass murder.
  • The window was pretty much destroyed by a gunshot
  • couldn't have been painted by the culprit's bloodstained boots or clothes alone.
  • Nora was poisoned for real and inside the Widow and Child's house
  • accompanied by one of the two brothers.
  • Kenny murder theory 2

    For the husband's murder, Kenny went to the couple's home and told him that he found something weird outside the window. While the husband went to check outside, Kenny went inside the house and positioned himself next to the window. Once the husband reached the window, Kenny shot him through it. He then went out, grabbed the body, dragged it back into the house, and escaped.

    For Noah's and Nora's, the brother accompanying Nora was Noah. Nora simply mistook him as Kenny. Kenny planted poison gas in the house which rendered Noah unconscious. He then acted as the ghost to Nora and, once she left, he finished off Noah and dumped him outside.
  • After entering the Couple's house after dinner, The Husband never left the house.
  • The culprit hasn't entered Widow & Child's house before Nora was poisoned.
  • Joshua's meals were poisoned by someone else, unbeknownst to him.
  • The food was not poisoned.
  • The culprit is Arn, his accomplice is Noah.

    Before faking his death, he poisoned Kenny, this was done through lacing his pendant with poison, and having him inspect it at any point prior to his collapse with Nora.

    Arn's death was faked, the "body" seen by the detective was actually a sculpture covered in blood and animal meat. After faking his death he dressed himself as the ghost, from there he gave Noah the gun and ordered him to shoot Isumi from the Couple's window.

    Revision: the shot was done from the outside, and the bullet impact splattered the blood from the victim's head to the outside snow. This is possible because Isumi was near the window at the time of the shot.

    The poison that killed Nora was naturally the one from the pendant.

    After killing Isumi, Noah regrouped with Arn and both of them carried out the remaining murders by entering the relevant houses with Arn's master key and moving the corpses.
  • The window was bulletproof. Kinda.

    Culprit entered couple's house because Isumi invited them in. They then shot at Isumi, missed, hit the bulletproof glass (echo was due to the glass' reverb), bounce off the bulletproof glass, graze the culprit, then go through Isumi's head.

    (I know that if you think about it this makes no sense as it requires culprit being inbetween isumi and window - to explain this either culprit shot at isumi, hit something strong isumi had in his jacket (i.e. masterkey), bounce off it, hit glass, bounce off it, etc or Isumi managed to slap the gun as the culprit fired causing the aim to be off by 180 degrees.)

    The glass was weak and shattered shortly after. The culprit fled the scene but was bleeding from where the bullet grazed them, causing the blood to mix with the snow outside.
  • There is no fake blood nor meat nor flesh in this case.
  • There was no hidden poison inside the pendant.
  • No ricochet-ing-ish the window or any other object. A direct shot at this window with this gun breaks it instantaneously and penetrates it.
  • The blood on the snow isn't the culprit's blood.
  • The food was not poisoned, but a drink was: the orange juice. The definition of "food" Shaff is using refers to solid consumables, and not liquids such as orange juice or wine, which would fall under "drinks".
  • The culprit is Solene. The accomplice is Noah.

    First murder: Done by Noah, using two guns. That is the cause of the strangely "echoing" and very loud shot. One bullet in the victim, one for the window.

    Second murder: Done by poison gas. This gas is either poisonous when combined with something in the alcohol, or something in the juice acts as an antidote. That explains how Kenny died and Nora didn't. The 'ghost' that Nora saw was actually Solene or Noah in a gas mask.

    Third murder: Noah succumbs to his wounds. These were either caused in a struggle with Isumi, or from jumping out a shattered window and slicing himself up.

    Fourth murder: No real mystery. Solene or Noah does it at some point prior to Kenny's death in order to get the gas mask and the medallion.

    Remaining murders: People die when they are killed.
  • The culprit has shot Isumi from the front of Minchir's house
  • Solene culprit theory, with Kenny as the accomplice.

    Arn and Noah were the first victims, Arn was incapacitated when he was entering his house and was then murdered by Kenny in the basement, from there Kenny took his master key and his pendant.

    Noah was murdered shortly after, his body left buried in snow.

    Solene was accompanied by Kenny to put Nora to sleep, Solene never actually entered the house, she merely left Nora with Kenny and said she was going back, in actuality she was putting on her disguise and either pumping poison gas into her house or triggering some form of gas leak.

    Solene then enters the house after Nora and Kenny are poisoned.

    Kenny faked his collapse. After Solene gave Arn's pendant to Nora she moved his body elsewhere while Nora cowered in fear, from there Kenny moved to the couple's house.

    Isumi's murder was the last one prior to the discovery of the bodies. He was shot by Kenny through the Couple's house window from the outside, with the bullet impact splattering blood outside. This is possible because Isumi was near the door before his death.

    The remaining murders where trivially done by Solene killing the remaining victims and moving the bodies.
  • The corpse found in the Couple's house is not Isumi. Isumi either lived through the entire story, or was one of the last three killed.
  • The poison doesn't have anything to do with anything that was served inside the Three Brothers house.
  • Noah never entered The Couple's house.
  • Noah's wounds were caused by direct knife stabs.
  • The culprit was the one to shoot through the window.
  • The culprit was aiming at someone when shooting through the window.
  • It's impossible for the culprit to aim and shoot two guns at the same time.
  • The corpse within the Couple's house's blood couldn't have gone past the window. (from the blast)
  • Isumi wasn't shot from outside the Couple's house.
  • Isumi was the first to die.
  • Solene is innocent.
  • The corpse in the Couple's house is still not Isumi. Isumi died outside on the reddened snow, before the victim in the Couple's house. His body was moved afterwards.
  • Rinne is the culprit. She shot Isumi, who was standing outside their house, through the window, reddening the snow around him. She then either hid the body, or the body was hidden by the snowfall.

    The accomplice, meanwhile, arrived where Kenny and Nora were. They either poisoned the two directly, or arrived while a delayed trap poisoned them, likely using gas, while they themselves wore both a gas mask and the spirit mask.

    Shortly thereafter the accomplice arrived at Rinne's house. She killed them, and dressed them in Isumi's clothes to conceal their identity, lest they be suspected.
  • Nora was accompanied by Noah, who was the accomplice. Before they entered the widow's house, Kenny planted poisonous gas in there and Noah put on a gas mask (or held his breath). Once they enter, Noah faked his fall and Kenny appear with his gas mask as the ghost to trick Nora.
    (Gas masks are acquired from Arn's house but Arn hasn't been killed yet)

    Once Nora start to head back to the three brothers' house, the two brothers head to the couple's house. Noah stood outside, in front of the window and Kenny, seeing the opportunity to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, lined up the shot such that it will hit both Noah and Isumi. The bullet went through Noah, through the window, and into Isumi's head. The blood outside was from Noah's wound.

    Unfortunately, Noah survived the shot, so the culprit stabbed him with a knife a few times and ditch him in the snow.

    The rest of the murders are trivial.
  • The corpse inside the Couple house is Isumi and still is until the end of the narrative.
  • The culprit wasn't the one to set up the poison inside the WidowChild house.
    No lineup shot.
    Noah wasn't shot.
    Noah was already dead when he got his wounds.
  • Nora was poisoned by a poisonous gas
  • Kenny culprit theory, with Noah accomplice.

    Before Isumi was killed, Kenny and Noah switched clothes to switch identities, this is possible because they are identical twins.

    From there Noah dressed as Kenny accompanied Nora and Solene to their house and kept Nora company when Solene returned, meanwhile Kenny dressed as Noah intercepts Arn when he's entering his house and incapacitates him, stealing his pendant and key, and placing him in the basement, either setting up a delayed kill mechanism by hooking him up to the generator in a way that would explode his torso, or killing him after Isumi died by sprinting to his house and comitting the crime.

    Noah as the accomplice proceeds to trigger a gas leak from the inside by letting carbon monoxide from the heater system loose. Poisoning both of them.

    From there two possibilities exist:

    Scenario #1: Noah threatens Nora to murder Solene if she doesn't collaborate and lie about him collapsing and seeing the ghost, from there Kenny arrives and gives her the pendant.

    Scenario #2: Noah dressed as Kenny truly collapses and Kenny disguised as the ghost arrives, gives Nora the pendant and drags Noah outside.

    From there Kenny uses Arn's master key, unlocks the Couple's house door and shoots Isumi in the head from either the door entrance or the outside, the impact knocked Isumi's corpse towards the window, breaking it. The door is then locked from the outside.
  • The window was pretty much destroyed by a gunshot
  • However it's possible that it's a simple wordplay trick, the gunshot indirectly caused the damaged window, therefore no contradictions exist.

    After killing Isumi, Kenny swiftly stabbed Noah's corpse and buried it near the Couple's house his leaking blood reddening the snow. Noah was already dead shortly after Isumi's death, from a combination of freezing temperatures and carbon monoxide poisoning.

    All other murders were trivial.
  • The reddened snow near the Couple's house's broken window isn't Noah's!
  • The window was completely, 100% destroyed by a gunshot alone!
  • The door of the Couple's house was locked from the inside!
  • Isumi wasn't shot from the outside the Couple's house!
  • Same theory, but with the following revisions:

    Kenny murders Isumi from the inside, and placed a smashed bullet inside the disfigured head.

    Arn witnessed the murder from the outside, which prompted Kenny to shoot him from the window, from there he drags his body to Arn's basement. And destroys his torso to erase the bullet wound.

    His master key and pendant were stolen at this point. Furthermore the bloody snow was caused by Arn's body.

    By the time Noah collapsed both Arn and Isumi were dead, Kenny disguises himself as the ghost and gives Nora the pendant, drags Noah's body outside and stabs it to guarantee his death.

    As for how Kenny got inside the Couple's house:

    Method #1: he knocked and was let in by Isumi under the pretense of wanting to talk.

    Method #2: he stole Arn's master key during the dinner party and entered with it, which could lead to Arn being in the window since he would likely wish to use Isumi's key to go home.
  • Isumi's DEMISE-
  • ...
  • I s u m i ' s h e a d w a s b l a s t e d b y a g u n s h o t
  • Isumi was truly shot by Kenny's gun, however the noise that Minchir heard did not come from the gunshot that caused Isumi's death, it came from the gunshot that caused Arn's death.

    Isumi's house is relatively soundproof to the point that as long as it's perfectly closed a gunshot wouldn't be heard from the Brother's house.
  • The loud bang the protagonist heard was not due to the gunshot(s). It was, in fact, due to the generator/appliances in the widow and child's house being sabotaged.

    When the loud bang happened, the culprit made 2 shots, as Zarel surmised - one at Isumi inside the house and one at Arn outside. These were masked by the bang.
  • No. This gun is loud. Two separate shots at two different times = Two separate bangs at two different times.
  • The noise came from the Couple's house alone.
  • This gun is loud. A bang caused by sabotaging the appliances cannot cover the sound of this gun.
  • The gun that killed Arn and blasted the window was different from the gun that killed Isumi, resulting in a quieter bang that wasn't heard by Minchir!
  • The gun that killed Arn and the gun that killed Isumi are both 500. Magnums. This caliber can't be SILENCED whatsoever.
  • the culprit shot Isumi through the window of the couple's house while Isumi stood outside, dragged Isumi's corpse in while Rinne was upstairs, and disfigured his head
  • The bullet that killed Isumi penetrated his body and grazed Arn, resulting in him receiving a bleeding wound, Kenny merely left through the window, grabbed the bullet and replaced it inside the body, alternatively he just placed a smashed bullet inside Isumi's head after the bullet broke the window and harmed Arn.

    From there Arn bled to death, either from the bullet wound or the glass shards, and was dragged to the basement and had his torso destroyed.

    This creates no contradictions since both deaths were generated from the gun.
  • No lineup shot.
  • That would only apply to both of them dying from the bullet instantly.

  • As we saw with Nora, the poison wasn't immediately fatal. Noah faked his collapse (but was still nonetheless poisoned) and Kenny did the ghost act.

    For Isumi's murder:

    It was never specified that only the culprit can kill. Therefore, I suggest that the accomplice, Noah, also helped.

    Noah and Kenny went to Isumi's house and were let in. Each of them possessed a gun. Kenny shot at Arn through the window while Noah shot Isumi.

    On their way out, Noah died from the poison and Kenny stabbed him a few times to make sure that he did die.
  • Isumi died within The Couple's house.
  • Even better : no bullet shall even scratch two bodies at once in this case.
  • Noah never entered The Couple's house.
  • Noah died within the WidowChild house.
  • Rinne is an accomplice as well! she was the one who shot Isumi while Kenny shot Arn!
  • Rinne is innocent.
  • Isumi comitted suicide under the threat of Kenny murdering his wife! Arn was murdered at the same time Isumi shot the gun!
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