• The first mystery is a forced perspective trick accomplished by the building itself, no setup needed. For example, the hallway narrows as you walk along it, making the hallway appear longer than it actually is. Naturally, this causes the detectives to believe Sparrow entered an entirely different door than she actually did. The door she entered wasn't to a guestroom at all, so she was able to escape with no complications.
    As for the second mystery, these characters are not humans with actual names, but birds. The real culprit never escaped the room but was the "lifelike heron statue" the entire time. This business with chasing Sparrow was just a red herring, as seagulls are wont to eat.
  • forced perspective was not used in this board.
  • Every characters in this board are human
  • The room that Sparrow entered was not a guestroom, so the red from Kingfisher does not apply, and she used another exit. The labels on the doors were switched, and because of the confusing decoration, Kingfisher didn't notice this was the wrong room.
    As for the second locked room, Sparrow was not the culprit. The real culprit snuck in from the back entrance when the detectives entered or left (which is why the culprit told the detectives at all). As for their escape, recall that the entrance to reception, where the keycard station is, is above. The culprit swung the corpse up to the keycard station, so they could escape, then let gravity bring it back down to the ground.
  • he "Room 102" label was never switched with another label. Sparrow was the culprit.
  • Sparrow had already set up Heron to die before the chase.

    Sparrow was already hiding in the gallery coming from the back exit by the time the doors were closed, then ambushed Heron (knocking them unconscious) and tied their neck, using the ladder to get up to the chandelier.

    They used the keycard to open the doors, as the keycard toggles between open and closed. And obviously stole the painting.

    Sparrow got up to the top of the far stairs holding the corpse to prepare a corpse swing, assuming the magnetic sensor is rather lenient, swinging it from one side to the other but escaping out the back before the doors closed.

    I'm going to say they also had glue to keep the keycard in the right hand.

  • Sparrow never escaped Room 102.
  • Heron was still alive when the detectives met Sparrow in the reception area
  • to lock both doors you need to use the card on each door's sensor.
  • Heron forgot to lock that door
  • to the protagonists, Sparrow seemingly ran into one of the rooms. But she actually fell outside. The door was locked because it either had an autolock (like hotel rooms should have) or she managed to hold on to the door long enough to lock the deadbolt.
  • Now outside, Sparrow tried the door to the gallery and found it unlocked. Immediately upon entering, she spotted Heron still doing whatever she was doing. Sparrow struck from behind and killed her.
  • Our culprit looted the corpse, found the keycard, and immediately thought of a plan.
  • Before anything, she stole the painting.
  • After this, she put the key card on the corpse's hand and closed it. When rigor mortis appeared around 2 or 3 hours later, the hand would remain closed and would not let go of the card.
  • Once rigor mortis had set in, Sparrow used the ladder to reach the chandelier.
  • she managed to tie a rope to the chandelier, and then tied the end to the top of the back door's stairs.
  • That done, the corpse was brought up the stairs. Sparrow untied the rope and tied it around poor (dead) Heron's neck. She screamed super loud so people would come to the gallery and opened the door leading to the back.
  • Sparrow brought the victim's hand to the sensor (remember it held the keycard), pushed it off the stairs as she herself jumped out the hotel before the door closed.
  • The thief then got away with the painting.
  • The witch concedes.
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