• the murderer is Phil Brutus.
  • The culprit simply knocked frantically on the victim's door until they opened it to check on them, then immediately killed them once the door was open.
  • they could have called their business phone and told them something that made them open the door,
  • that was a distraction.
  • The culprit's real goal was to steal a sample of super-silver. The stolen silver wasn't noticed missing because the lab was already a mess, the stolen sample wasn't very large, and Luise was focused on the cutter and the broken door.
  • the year long period when they couldn't enter the lab was also part of the culprit's plan to divert suspicion from themselves. The culprit could use this super-silver to touch the chain without breaking the current,
  • One of the modern art pieces created by the culprit was very carefully shaped to have a hook, properly sized and angled to manipulate the chain and lock the door from the outside. The tip of the hook was made of super-silver, so it didn't impact the lightning lock in any way, but the wooden component diffused the current, so it didn't electrocute the culprit.
  • The police didn't find anything suspicious when they searched the house because there's no way to tell super-silver from normal silver by sight, and the police have no way of testing to see if a metal is super-silver.
  • After committing the murder, the culprit took the key off the victim's body and used it to lock the door from the outside. Then. after the door was opened, they threw it back in. That's why the key was found on the floor, not somewhere less suspicious like the desk or the victim's pocket.
  • while Aki was searching the lab for the plasma cutter,
  • while Aki was distracted getting sprayed with foam.
  • the motive probably has to do with the other boy in the photo in Phil's room. It's readily apparent that Phil's mother is controlling and paranoid. It's easy to imagine her doing something to destroy a relationship with an outsider. It could have been as extreme as the boy being killed by a prototype of the lightning lock and Luise's wealth making the case go away, or as simple as her paranoidly keeping Phil from seeing his friends.
  • The victim's room is entirely soundproof when sealed: this includes the sound of knocking.
  • No such trace was found in the investigation, aside from the record corresponding to the call shown in the narrative.
  • Aki never lost track of Phil while they were together, even as the foam fell on him.
  • While Aki was searching the lab, there was not enough time for a person in the antechamber to throw something inside the victim's room through the gap in the door and then come back to the antechamber.
  • none of the statues featured any parts that might fit through the crack in the door, let alone help tamper with the locks.
  • Super-silver is visually distinct from normal silver.
  • The police uncovered no such super-silver tool in their investigation
  • The culprit is Phil. Phil, ever so willing to prove his skills in outsmarting Luise's doors, tried to do so in the dead of the night on her latest pride and joy: The door to Luise's private quarters.

    Perhaps Phil managed to even get through the level of security that requires the keycard, by activating one of the security protocols. Or perhaps he knew Luise was so paranoid, with him having managed to destroy a door before and her security craze, that every now and then she would open the door to check if Phil was there messing with the door. There are no windows and the rooms are soundproof, so in order to know if someone would be in the hallway, she'd have to open the door with the keycard to take a peek. She'd of course keep the chainlock and electrolock on when doing this, of course.

    Regardless, Luise approaches the door, either because Phil opened it or due to the above described paranoia, with the chainlock and electrolock still in place. This turns out to be a fatal error, however. Why? Because of a little something called...

    Electro-Magnetic Propulsion. All the ingredients to create this are present. Namely the chainlock made out of conducting material and the electric current running through it. Perhaps the chain itself is even shaped in such a way that it would create an electro-magnetic field.

    Wikipedia describes: When a current flows through a conductor in a magnetic field, an electromagnetic force known as a Lorentz force, pushes the conductor in a direction perpendicular to the conductor and the magnetic field.

    The conductor of course being the electrified chain lock. All Phil would have to do then, was hold a very similar piece made of Super Silver Material, perhaps even another chain, right next to the electrified chain. You'd then of course get a make shift railgun, with a force being generated perpendicular between the electrified chain and the Super Silver material Phil is holding.
  • Now, we have the force, but we still need something that can be launched by this force... Which conviniently, Luise had on her person, just as planned. Namely, the keycard, which is made of some magnetic material. Being made of magnetic material, it would of course get pushed away by another magnetic force, namely that of our makeshift railgun.

    Luise, and this keycard made of magnetic material, then, would be RIGHT in the position of where the force would be... and so the Lorentz Force pushed Luise all the way... away, right up in the direction of where the lamp was. Luise, wearing a pearl necklace, got caught and stuck on the lamp with it, causing her to get hanged. Likely, Phil quickly closed the door right before it all happened, and Luise getting swung away with the keycard also counted as a swipe as far as the security system was concerned, thus locking the door again.

    Perhaps this was exactly according to Phil's plan, or perhaps it really was just a convinient turn of events, or perhaps this murder was not intended, but Phil decided to hide his tracks by pretending to discover the body together with Aki, as so to avoid any trouble with the police.
  • The call found by the police was the call that lured the victim to her death. The culprit tampered with (insert everything Aki used to tell time here) to make him think the it was the time the call was placed at the time the body was found, when it was actually later. There was no call placed in front of Aki, that was just Phil's acting.
  • After killing his mother, Phil tampered with the chain of the unlocked door by adding an additional link, which extended the chain just enough for it to be set from the outside (with or without a hook, as necessary). The narrative's comment that the gap was just barely enough for the cutter was because Phil was deliberately not opening it all the way.
  • The lightning lock was engaged from the outside by a long. flexible tool. After locking the door, the culprit had four hours to paint and reshape the tool (and the hook, if there was one) and incorporate it into an artwork in a non-suspicious form.
  • Phil threw the keycard at some point while his hands were hidden behind the partially opened door - while he was cutting the chain, while he was calling the victim, while he was undoing the chain... pick whichever makes you feel best. He had an easier shot because he was less pressed for time and because the gap was widened by the extended chain. Not that there was any particular reason for him to have been aiming for that specific spot, it could very well have just wedged in there by coincidence.
  • the culprit did not have the necessary expertise to take advantage of any sort of complex electro-magnetic interaction.
  • Phil really called Luise's business phone that morning after 9.
  • The victim left her room at night to do some work. There was absolutely no reason to lure her out.
    This is not out of character - she is introduced having bags under her eyes.
    But if that's not good enough for you, there's also hard proof: Progress was made on the fractal lock in the lab during the night - and the only one that could have done so was the victim.
    You really just have to do the math.

    She got ambushed by Phil on her way back to her quarters.
    He then used her chain to hang her on the light.
    So far, so good. Two hurdles remain for Phil to leave - the cardkey, and the chain.

    I will explain the cardkey first.
    It was just stuck on top of the reader, of course.
    With time, it would fall down, and lock the door.
    The self-cleaning fibers helped with this - they slowly erased whatever sticky substance was used, both speeding up the time it took for them to lose strength and to erase the traces afterwards.
    The card fell past the reader and the door was locked.
    Later, when Phil kicked the door open, this sent the card flying to where it was found.
    To be safe, Phil had also positioned some pillows nearby to serve as barriers should the card end up sliding at a slightly different angle.
    What was important to him was that it got found somewhere near the table, where it was plausible it fell out of her pocket.

    That leaves the chain.
    This one took a bit more preparation.
    A year ago, during the infamous sabotage incident, Phil stole and hid the supersilver chain from his own door.
    But that's not all he did, in fact, that might have been more of a distraction act.
    He also cut out a small piece of one of the links in the chain to Luise's room - which he then immediately fixed up with a bit of some other material, which he then just painted over.
    The paint plus the fact it was really just a very tiny spot made it pretty much unnoticable.

    The chain had already been damaged for a year, unbeknownst to all.
    Naturally, our culprit was just waiting for a good chance. Which Aki's visit provided.

    So, one year later at the crime scene, Phil uses the pre-sabotaged link to first split the chain into two pieces.
    He put the piece that is now detached from the door into the lock, effectively "setting" it as far as the system is concerned.
    (given that it probably just checks whether the end of the chain touches the place where it's supposed to go on the doorframe.)

    He connected both ends with the links from the chain he stole from his own battered door.
    They were also pre-shaped in the workshop one year ago to have some easy hooks to do so.

    With the chain lengthened, Phil has enough room to slip out even with it being set.
    After turning on the lighting lock, of course.

    But he can't leave it at that. The chain must be shortened again from the outside.
    He manipulates it through the gap to bring the original ends close together, then connected them at the broken link again.
    During this, his extra chain is still hanging from it and connecting the two ends, so the current is never disrupted. Once they're connected again, he removes the extra chain part.
    Ah, but he needs a tool thin enough to manipulate stuff through the gap, which also doesn't zap him?
    Well, we got just the tool right here: Chopsticks! Not only should they not be very conductive and thin, Phil was said to be skilled with them.
    Perfect for grabbing and connecting some links.

    Afterwards, he puts something in the gap in that one link again to disguise it. It is the link he will later "cut", of course.
    Probably using some paint or something.

    Speaking of paint - that's how he hides the parts of his notorious second chain from the police.
    Sure, super-silver looks distinct, but not if he paints over them.
    And then sticks them back on his body. That's right, the piercings and earrings were actually just the disguised links of the chain. Pretty hard to question those.

    The motive is the other teenager in the picture.
    They probably used to live in that house, too.
    Except Luise kept placing them under house-arrest in that deadbolt room.
    Probably "for their own safety".
    However, this eventually led them to commit suicide two years ago.
    That's why Phil hates both Luise and her ridiculous security measures.
    That's also why he chose to hang her as retribution.
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