• More specifically, he was mistaken about the nature of the glass. It was not flat, as depicted in the floor-plan, but slightly curved. When Mid shot aiming at the corner, the bullet bullet exited the glass at an angle, and that angle happened to align with Rune's position.
  • The pain was not a phantom pain after all.
  • Rune did not get hit by more than one bullet.
  • The prank that someone had been pulling on rune was taping his mouse to the light or ceiling by the cable. When Mid first shot at the corner nothing happened because the mouse was swinging back and forth. However, the last shot happened to connect with the mouse and ricocheted into Rune's head. Mid did not see the mouse because it was positioned right under the light.
  • The culprit hid in the corridor, just behind the doorway, so that Mid would not notice him. He watched Mid's hand through the reflection on the computer screen and timed his shot so that it would fire right when Mid pulled the trigger. That way Mid would not hear the shot that actually killed the victim. His finishing touch was closing the door while Mid checked whether Rune really was dead.
  • The computer mouse is under the table and was never hanging to anything.
  • but that trajectory didn't go through the door.
  • Mid did not see the phantom shooter because he stood right under the blinding light. The culprit, on the other hand, could see Mid because he was wearing sunglasses.
    Once Mid entered the room all the culprit had to do to not get caught was to keep moving in such a way that the light would be between the two of them, preventing Mid from seeing him.
  • The culprit could look into the room because he was wearing sunglasses. He stood outside the window, somewhere beyond Mid's field of view and shot into the room, aiming at Rune. Once the job was done he just walked away.
  • The culprit was not right under the blinding light. They would have been shot by one of Mid's bullets if they were in that position.
  • Mid would have noticed a shot through that same window.
  • The culprit initially wanted to shoot Rune from point-blank range, so they sneaked behind Rune. When Mid arrived, the culprit was positioned somewhere beyond the light, but still close enough to Rune so they wouldn't be in Mid's firing line. Then, the culprit once again used the light as a visual barrier, this time in order to exit the room, either through the hole on the window or the door.
  • The culprit was hanging from the ceiling the entire time, and Mid did not see them because they were always above his natural vertical field of view. A cubic room could be pretty tall, after all.
  • Mid rushed too quickly to the body for the culprit to be able to track their movements to move out of the way.
  • The culprit wouldn't be able to be near the ceiling without something supporting them.
  • The culprit used the bookshelves in order to climb to the ceiling.
  • The culprit lassoed the light and then climbed the rope.
  • The voice Mid heard did not come from the victim, but from the computer's speakers, or from someone standing in the hallway. The victim was already dead when Mid arrived.
  • The culprit would've been seen on the bookshelves (the light's pretty wide, but doesn't go that far)....
  • The culprit attached nothing to the light...
  • That voice was the victim's and they died when they were thought to...
  • It was a hanging light, and it was hanging low enough such that the culprit could grab onto the cord/cable that connected the light itself to the ceiling.
  • 𝐓𝐡𝐚𝐭'𝐬 𝐭𝐫𝐮𝐞.
  • The culprit was not hanging on the light.
  • There was a remotely triggered gun set up on the hanging light.
  • The culprit fired the gun with their own hand.
  • The culprit was hiding under the desk and shot a bullet through it.
  • The culprit was lying on a bookshelf, behind a row of cardboard book fronts.
  • Nope.
  • Nope.
  • Mid is the culprit. Rune had a powerful magnet on him that shuffled while he typed. The magnet's position during the final shot lined up such that the bullet got caught in the magnetic field Mid-air.
  • No magnets are involved.
  • The culprit stood somewhere behind Mid and shot through the glass. The path of both bullets intersected at the point where Mid's bullet exited the glass. Now, given that both shots were fired at the same time, that the paths intersect, and that Mid must have been closer to the glass, we can deduce that the culprit's bullet must have passed through the point slightly after Mid's.
    Mid did notice the culprit's bullet (after all, it must have sent glass fragments flying into the room) but assumed that it was his own bullet. It happened so fast that it was impossible to tell which glass fragments corresponded to which bullet.
  • The killing bullet did not go through that window.
  • The culprit was on the floor above, and shot through the hole in the ceiling from which the light cable ran through.
  • The light cable and its connection to the ceiling are not relevant aspects. The culprit did not shoot through a hole, or the room's ceiling, or the room's floor.
  • The culprit shot through a wall.
  • The culprit was hiding under the desk and shot a wall. or the ceiling. The shot ricocheted into Rune's head.
  • The culprit didn't shoot through any of the 3 walls in the room.
  • The culprit is not hiding under the desk, unless you've defined the culprit as the computer mouse.
  • The muzzle flash from his own gun momentarily blinded him, or blocked his view just enough to allow the culprit to go unnoticed.
  • Mid momentarily looked away from the room to reload his gun.
  • The culprit used a mirror to increase the area covered by the light.
  • The light was already bright enough to block Mid's view of the door.
  • the culprit walked through Mid's line of fire
  • The light did not reach the door to a blinding level, similarly to how it doesn't reach the bookshelves.
  • Prior to Rune entering the room, the culprit welded a platform onto the hanging light. They then sat on there and shot Rune with a gun when Mid made their last shot.

    The culprit used a pair of adhesive gloves to climb the ceiling and hang on to it near the light. They then shot Rune from that position.

    The culprit duct taped themselves to the ceiling and shot Rune from that position.
  • The culprit was never attached by the ceiling or the light, nor their weight held up by something attached to it.
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