• Each time someone left the inn (i.e. Bill to get check the lamp and Eiko and Gabriel to check on Bill) the culprit sneaked into the forest and screamed to attract their attention. The victim hears the scream, runs towards it, then gets nabbed by the culprit.

    Bill is the culprit! He didn't actually went out to fix the lamp but ran off into the woods to carry out the plan. He's the only one who's familiar with the location (since he owns the inn) so he would've known about the cabin. Finn saw the fire and drove away in his car, hence the lack of a final unidentified body.
  • At least two people amongst the seven names we know of were already dead when the screams happened.
  • The culprit alone used Finn's car.
  • The culprit alone knew about the cabin.
  • The screams were genuine screams of terror and pain.
  • The culprit is Finn.

    He saw the cabin while he was looking out from the balcony in the early part of the evening.

    He left his door cracked so that he could hear when the others came up the stairs.

    He killed Don and Carl and left them in their rooms. Don is dead in the shower. Carl is dead in bed, but that's not discovered as the light is not turned on when Amanda and Gabriel go into the room.

    Bill is killed elsewhere in the woods and his body is hidden.

    Eiko is killed and placed in the cabin.

    The cries are from a frightened and hurt potoo, possibly hurt and scared by Finn but otherwise unrelated.

    Finn returned to the cabin, killed Amanda, set the cabin ablaze, and dumped her body in the lake, before leaving in his car.
  • The screams were human. The potoos were there, but they never made a sound.
  • Bill did not come back inside the lounge when we reach 01:00 AM
  • At the time of the inspection, no corpse was hidden in the woods.
  • Carl was alive when Amanda and Gabriel went into their room.
  • Don was never attacked in the shower.
  • All 7 named humans have a driver's license.
  • Finn is the culprit.

    He used the bedsheets (or possibly the curtains, if you want some title relevance) from his room to create a rope from the balcony to the outside, allowing him to go from the second floor to outside and back without being seen by the people on the first floor. The rope and the missing sheets/curtains weren't seen by anyone because the lights were off in the corridor, the room, and the outside.

    He went outside via the balcony rope (nobody heard this because Gab had her door closed and Amanda was drunk) and killed Bill when he went out to check the lamp, taking the lamp with him to ensure nobody used it to see the rope. He took Bill away from the door (either moving the corpse, or luring Bill away then killing him), then went back inside.

    He killed Don after Carl fell asleep, and left his shower on so no one would check on him. Then he climbed outside again.

    He attacked Eiko, but Eiko fought back hard enough to make him let out the screams heard by Gabriel. Eventually, however, he still killed her. Then he returned to the inn and killed Amanda, probably killed Carl, and set the fire (the order of events isn't important).

    The burned corpses are Don and Carl. Bill's corpse is in a random spot in the woods.
  • The culprit only ever used the front door to go in or out of the inn.
  • Aside from Eiko's corpse in the cabin, at the time of the inspection, no human corpse lies inside the forest.
  • Amanda.

    She killed Finn during the window of time when the two of them were alone on the 2nd floor, then Carl immediately after Gab left.

    Bill noticed the lamp was deliberately sabotaged, and went out searching for the saboteur. He screamed after finding the cabin full of oil and realizing someone was planning to commit arson. His reaction was so dramatic because he knew there was a Traumatic Backstory among the suspects and that there was a serious risk of a massacre. He ran off to warn the others, Eiko arrived, and Amanda followed and killed her. Everyone acting separately missed each other in the darkness.

    Then she did the arson.
  • 1. Amanda was inside the inn as part of the arson, made a mistake, and was stranded among the flames. She jumped out the window to escape, landed wrong, and broke her neck. Bill and Don dumped her body in the lake because it would be easier than trying to explain whatever happened here to the police.
    2. Amanda killed Gabriel, then swapped I.D.s/clothes/fingerprint records at the local precinct/however the bodies were identified so that the police thought she was Gabriel and Gabriel was her. The fantasy section at the end represents Amanda-as-Gabriel being accused of the murders.

    Finn's car was taken by Bill and Don. They were escaping from a murderer, so they grabbed whichever car was closest.
  • It's impossible to escape the crime scene by foot
  • In the trunk of Finn's car.

    In the trunk(s) of the other car(s)

    At the bottom of the lake.

    Under the floorboards.

    Above the ceiling.


    Down the toilet(s) in pieces
  • Nobody swapped identities at any point.
  • Emotional pain.
  • Physical pain.
  • The scream was Eiko killing Bill.

    The "two victims" red was Carl and Don, who were poisoned by Eiko poisoning the drinks they took upstairs with them using the same clever sleight of hand she uses to win at Koi-Koi. They die of the poison at some point between when Amanda and Gabriel enter the room and when the scream is heard.

    Eiko kills Bill, then spends the time between the screams and the discovery of her body lighting the fire, killing the stragglers, moving corpses into the trunk of Finn's car, and puts a brick on the accelerator to make the investigators think there's a missing fugitive. Then she commits suicide. Alternatively, she fakes her death with props and makeup, then kills everyone, moves the car, and cuts her throat for real after Gab finds her "corpse" (knife "through" the throat in the narrative vs "throat cut" in the report).
  • The same theory, but Bill is the culprit. He prepared poisoned drinks easily because he's the bartender, then screamed when he took a few hits from Eiko's self defense. Then he killed everyone and left in someone else's car to divert suspicion from himself.
  • No poison of any kind was ever used.
  • All murders were committed directly.
  • The culprit used Finn's car to escape, meaning the culprit was inside the car and drove away from the crime scene and never came back.
  • I lied.
  • When A, C, and G return to their room, they leave the door "half-closed". In the darkness, "half-closed" is closed enough to prevent a deliberately sneaking culprit from being seen. Bill went back to his room, then killed Amanda and Carl after Gabriel left, then followed her outside.

    With the lamp missing, the culprit could sneak past her easily. He confronted Eiko in the woods, screamed when they fought, then moved her corpse into the cabin while Gabriel was wandering lost. The screams were closer than Gabriel assumed, they just weren't very loud because they didn't belong to a dying man.

    The board ends here, so Bill could kill whoever's left (most of the rooms at the inn are catboxes, I'm not 100% on who he kills when) at his leisure. He put Finn's body in the trunk for the same reason he left in Finn's car: to frame him. Note the men's corpses were burned, but none of the women's. A male culprit faking their death.
  • the culprit was outside the inn when Gabriel left her room.
  • the culprit was outside the inn when Gabriel opened the front door of the house.
  • Same theory, but Bill killed Finn and Don, then sneaked out before Gabriel left.
  • At least two people amongst the seven names we know of were already dead when Gabriel entered her room with Amanda.
  • Don killed Finn, left his shower on so nobody would check on him, then sneaked out and killed Eiko.
  • The culprit only ever used the front door to go in or out of the inn.
  • Finn and Don left via the rope trick from my first theory for independent reasons, then Bill killed them.
  • No rope.
  • No rope trick.
  • If you fall from the second floor, you WILL at least break your legs.
  • There is no reason for an innocent to willingly jump off the balcony or even the windows.
  • Finn went downstairs and kidnapped Bill before 00:30, bringing him to the secret shack. He told the witnesses he was just taking a smoke break. Nobody saw this as worthy of comment, because nobody knew Bill had been attacked.

    Finn kills Don as soon as he separates from Carl, then hides in a blind spot on the 2nd floor, right next to the door to the stairs. As soon as Gab and Amanda pass, he goes down - unseen in the darkness - and immediately kills Eiko. He kills Bill after Gabriel steps outside.

    Finn's plan was to frame Bill for the crimes, but Bill worked loose from his binding and attacked Finn, forcing him to kill him. Finn took his body away in hopes the police would still suspect him.
  • Nobody was ever kidnapped.
  • The culprit was in one of the four bedrooms of the second floor when Gabriel and Amanda entered their room.
  • Nobody swapped identities at any point
  • the definition of 'swapping identities' is 'someone to take their own identity away intentionally for the identity of someone else'.
  • The culprit was in one of the four bedrooms of the second floor when Gabriel and Amanda entered their room.
    The culprit was outside the inn when Gabriel left her room.
    The culprit only ever used the front door to go in or out of the inn.
  • people can just sneak through the darkened corridor
  • Finn killed Bill before 00:30. Finn killed Don after Carl went to sleep. Finn went to his room. Finn left after Gabriel and Amanda entered their room. Finn fought Eiko while screaming.
    Finn is the culprit!
  • All 7 named humans were alive before 00:30.
  • The man who emitted the screams is innocent.
  • Gabriel isn't the detective.

    Or the narrator isn't Gabriel.

    Or she has a split personality.

    Or some other narrative trick that would enable her to be the culprit.
  • The narrator is none other than Gabriel.

    There are no detectives, so her point of view is not objective.

    But know that everything shown in the 'Mystery' part was what she SAW and her behaviour couldn't change that.

    No split personalities.
  • Sometime between Eiko's "Sure! I like talking" and "This sounds creepy as hell", someone
  • passed the first floor in the process of killing two people. Eiko and Gabriel thought nothing of it at the time.
    After A and G entered their room, the culprit left the inn, possibly accompanied by their next victim. They murdered the screaming man just as Gabriel heard, and Eiko at the cabin.
  • The culprit was not able to go out of the inn between 00:30 and the time Gabriel and Amanda went into their room.
  • Bill went in. Eiko covered for him because they're having an affair and they both need an alibi for that. She isn't an accomplice because he hasn't killed anyone yet and she has no idea he's planning to. Or she genuinely doesn't see him because he's sneaking and the entire inn is terribly lit.

    Bill kills Don and Finn, then goes to his room. After Gabriel arrives, he sneaks outside. After Gabriel leaves, Carl wakes up, is filled in on the situation by Amanda, and follows her outside. In the darkness, she doesn't see him. Bill ambushes Carl and kills him.
  • Between the time Eiko and Gabriel started chatting and the time Gabriel and Amanda went into their room, the culprit was in the second floor.
  • Knox's 8th has been removed from the game.
  • ...Carl did it? He was in the place where the red states the culprit was at every point except beating Gabriel to the outside, but given that the inn is so dark apparently anyone can sneak past anyone, he might have just run past her while they were both on the first floor.
  • It was when she left her room after 01:00. When I mean "left the room" I mean the exact moment she opens the door of her room.
  • Bill was already on the second floor before Gabriel came downstairs. Eiko either lied because (insert reason that wouldn't make her an accomplice here), or she made an honest mistake because the entire inn is blackout dark.

    The culprit killed two people on the second floor, then sneaked passed ACG's room and went outside before Gabriel left her room.

    Then, they played a recording of one of the victim's screams to lure Eiko or Gabriel or both away from the inn to be killed. Gabriel got lost, so they killed Eiko and left for the inn to do some arson.

    The culprit is Bill, Don, or Finn. The burned corpses are the other two.
  • Bill went outside the lounge right after Gabriel went upstairs around 00:00 and never came back by himself.
  • No scream was ever recorded or broadcasted.
  • It's impossible for the culprit to SNEAK (meaning moving while not being seen) past Gabriel if they are in the same room inside the inn.
  • Bill came back not by himself, but with someone else. Two men were murdered by the third. The culprit left the inn while Gabriel was in her room.
    Then they propped a ladder or some other climbing tool against the inn and entered Amanda and Carl's room via the window. The culprit attacked Amanda and Carl, and Carl was thrown from the window, where he did, in fact, break his legs. He did what anyone would do in that situation, and screamed. The scream echoed a lot, and Gabriel didn't realize it was coming from behind her.
  • No climbing tools were used. Ever.
  • Nobody ever climbed the inn, even.
  • Bill never came back inside the inn before 01:30.
  • Carl was never thrown out the window.
  • At some point during the 00:30-01:00 timeskip, Gabriel went to the first floor bathroom, thus creating an opening when she was not in the same room as everyone else, and allowing people to move in and out to kill Bill.
  • The screaming man was not among the seven named characters we know of.
  • Carl killed Don and Finn, then put one of their corpses in his bed. Amanda and Gabriel mistook the corpse for Carl in the dark.
  • Between 00:30 and 01:00, Gabriel never LEFT the lounge.
  • It is forbidden for the screaming man to be anyone not mentioned in the early part of the STORY.
  • Carl killed Don and Finn, then put one of their corpses in his bed. Amanda and Gabriel mistook the corpse for Carl in the dark.
  • Correct.
  • The real Carl wasn't in the same room as Gabriel, so he could just walk out of the inn at his leisure. The screaming man was Bill, being killed by Carl.
  • 'The Curtain' was bought very recently by Bill, and this was the very first party he ever organized. However, among the people who came, there was Gabriel, Amanda and Carl, three good friends who suffered from a trauma due to a previous crime, Carl especially.

    Carl planned a sinister crime. He brings canisters of oil with him. During the day, while trying to hide them, he finds out about a cabin in the forest while looking from the balcony unlike Bill, who became the host recently and didn't know about the cabin.
  • Carl broke the lamp at some point before 00:00 to lure Bill outside.


    After the games between him, Eiko and Don, the two men went to snatch a drink from the bar. However, with the drink, he also snatched a kitchen knife.

    Him and Don went upstairs. They both enter Don's room. After closing off the door, Carl stabs him instantly. After that he goes inside Finn's room, kills a sleeping Finn, takees his car keys, carries his body inside Amanda, Gabriel and his room and inside his bed. He goes back inside Don's room. Turns on the shower to wipe away the blood but also to make it seem like Don's busy inside his room.


    Bill found out that the lamp was broken by hand, and it took some time to repair. After finally repairing it, he goes on a research in the forest.

    After Gabriel and Amanda enters in said room, he sneaks outside the corridor then outside the inn. He finds Eiko who was about to accompany Bill in his research. Carl approaches innocently, asking what was going on. Before Bill had the time to explain, Carl slices Eiko's throat. Bill tries to run away but Carl catches up to him and stabs him in the back multiple times, making him scream. After Bill dies, Carl hides him in a bush.

    Carl carries Eiko's body at the cabin and leaves his knife planted in her throat and takes a canister.


    Amanda goes outside the inn, scared after finding out about the corpses and because of the noise outside. Carl reaches to her, Amanda tries to resist, leading her to get neck-snapped. Carl dumps her body in the lake. He floods the inn with oil then crashes the lamp on the ground, making the wood burn quickly. He then carries Bill's body in the trunk of Finn's car and drives away.

  • The trial is now finished.
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