• Fruy commits suicide, presumably as a result of the skull theft. He impales himself on a crusader longsword at night, inside a locked house and a chainlocked room.
    Gisni, upon finding his dead body, is understandably very shaken and runs out of the house. She jumps into a well to join her lover in death. However, she is saved before she actually dies - Fede is careless in his examination and assumes she's dead, a possibility that the narration seems to leave intentionally open. Her regular appearance already looks ghostly enough, with red eyes and white skin, and her long mane of hair would get so bloated with the water in the well, that it would create a pretty convincing illusion of a dead body. Her body is placed inside a small room in the chapel, while the servants keep watch outside in rotations.
    When Gisni wakes up, she realizes she's still alive and after coughing some water on the floor, leaving a puddle, she exits the locked room by unlocking the door from the inside, which does not require a key. Since the guards are keeping watch outside the chapel door, they wouldn't notice someone sneaking out of the room - after all, they are guarding from people who are trying to enter the chapel, not exit it.
    Gisni can simply escape the chapel from some window in some other room (I assume the chapel has other rooms) or sneak out during the first turn swap. She passes by Fede's window - perhaps she wants to ask him for an explanation, perhaps it was pure coincidence- but then decides to try to end her life again. This time she decides for a surefire method: she heads back to her home, takes the longsword from Fruy's body, locks herself in the library and commits suicide there.
  • Culprit is the girl who Fruy mentions as one of his old love interests. She steals the skull and hides into the house, then sneaks into the bedroom and hides under the bed. When Fede breaks into the room to find the victim, culprit escapes the room in the following way, by hiding inside Gisni's long hair as she runs out:
  • Culprit then remains hidden in her hair for the rest of the story, which is how the other locked rooms are countered!
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