• Kyrie is the culprit. On the first twilight, she shot the five people in the dining hall. Locked the door with Gohda's key they stole unnoticed and returned it in the same fashion.
    On the second twilight, after she and Rudolf knocked the rest out, they disappeared to fake their deaths. And Kyrie must have betrayed Rudolf and killed him for reals. Dragging his body against the door, and made it seem the same happened to her.
    On the fourth twilight, she could have made use of Kinzo's automatic lock, and slipped through the door as it was about to close.
    On the fifth, sixth, and seventh twilight. She killed Gohda, Eva, and finally Hideyoshi. To make it seem like locked rooms. She could have simply hidden in each and every room, waiting for George to arrive. And slipped in the next room, before George, and locked herself in, hiding in some place George never investigated. She previously forced Hideyoshi to call to the guesthouse to lure George in.
    She killed George accordingly.
    After Jessica left, she slipped out the mansion to kill everyone in the guesthouse.
    Finally, she came back and killed Jessica.
  • Kyrie's body in the kitchen was definitely dead, due to disembowelment confirmed by Battler's faceplant, and her face was not so damaged as to cause misidentification, as her death was caused by multiple stabbings to the abdomen. Kyrie was dead by the time Battler's group entered the kitchen and discovered her.
  • Somebody who we thought was outside the kitchen, was actually hiding inside the kitchen!
  • Kanon is the culprit. You altered the game board severely to make this trick possible. There are 18 people on the island. A boy got killed which was dressed up as Kanon. Krauss mistook that boy as Kanon so the real Kanon could roam free. It would explain how he was able to hide in the freezer of the kitchen on the second twilight to make it seem it was a locked room.
  • No one was hiding in the freezer at the time the kitchen was entered by Battler's group.
  • The culprit is Kinzo., who was secretly alive. He stole Gohda's master key to commit the first murders. Naturally, the servants that knew of him still being alive had to perish first.

    He ambushed the two groups by turning off the lights separetely in two locations. Kyrie and Rudolf got a chance to resist but the guns proved useless as the bullets had been replaced by blanks.
    The bodies were brought to the kitchen and stabbed several times. Then some rope was bound around them and laid out on the floor out of the room, underneath the door. Perhaps some ice from the freezer or oil was used to make the floor more slippery for the pulling.
    The door was closed and locked with a key from the knocked out people, which then got returned.
    Then he just pulled them towards the door with the rope, leaving the bloodtrail.
    The rest again proceeded similarly to what the other detective stated. Kinzo can roam the mansion freely and just ambushed one of Eva or Gohda as he got the chance, using their keys to create Gohda's locked room.
    For Hideyoshi's, he either got him through the gap while the chain was set, or Hideyoshi managed to set it after being attacked, as death wasn't instant. Either way, Kinzo then simply locked the door from the outside.
    For Eva, he set the chain and was hiding inside the room while George was there.
    The rest, of course, were simple killings. No mysteries.
  • The lights went out at the same time.

    All doors facing the outside of the island are properly weather-sealed, so something like a rope would not fit under them.

    The corpses found in the kitchen were killed in the kitchen.
  • Same theory, but with an adjusted second twilight:
    When the lights went out, Rudolf and Kyrie knocked out the others and met in the kitchen. (either due to panic from the blackout or their own futile plans to stop the culprit.)

    There, they do get stabbed by Kinzo. He then uses the rope trick described before, except the ropes go through the gap in the other door. Which was an interior door, so it's not subject to the previous red.
    Of course, they need anchoring points on the door where they were found for that to work.
    One was simply the door's handle.
    The other was a piece of cloth taped to the door with lots of duct tape. Due to reduced friction on the ground by making it all slippery, this managed to hold. Of course, this was also attached to a separate rope so it could be retrieved with a strong pull after the fact.
  • Same theory, but with an adjusted second twilight:
    The culprit is Rosa. She was inside the kitchen while the others were trying to get in through the first door (inside). She escaped through the first door (inside). The object that was used to block the kitchen door (inside) was not blocking that door anymore, only appearing to be that way. So while the others used the second kitchen door (outside) she already got through the first door, and joined with them later.
  • The corpses inside the kitchen were placed against the outer door by someone who was inside the kitchen at the time.

    Rosa was with them when they were trying to open the interior door. Page 68.
  • Same theory, but with an adjusted second twilight:

    The culprit is Kanon. He was inside the kitchen while the others were trying to get in through the first door (inside). He escaped through the first door (inside). The object that was used to block the kitchen door (inside) was not blocking that door anymore, only appearing to be that way. So while the others used the second kitchen door (outside) he already got through the first door, and joined with them later.
  • At the time Gohda was attempting to get in the interior door, no living humans were in the kitchen (nor the freezer, just to be clear).
  • Same Kinzo theory.
    Same simple rope trick as before, but pulling the kitchen table towards the interior door instead. The door gap has only been confirmed airtight for the exterior door. Table was made lighter by taking out all the tableware so it could be pulled. Checks out decently enough.
  • Kinzo is dead by the end of the Fourth Twilight. Kinzo is not the culprit.
  • The culprit is Jessica.

    1st twilight: She used Gohda's master key, or she used Shannon's master key and then "found" it on her body.

    2nd twilight: While seemingly grieving in her room, Jessica slipped out and ambushed Rudolf and Kyrie, who were trying to do their own thing there. Then, as before, she used a rope trick to pull the table towards the door.

    She then slipped out of the guesthouse from the servants' room to kill Eva/Hideyoshi/Gohda. Gohda was straightforward. For Eva, she threatened her at gunpoint to set the chain and then stabbed her stomach through the gap. Then she pulled on some previously attached wire that pulled her into the closet. There's bound to be a knot that makes that work. HIdeyoshi was done similarly, just without the wire.
    After that, she returned to the guest house. The rest is mere fantasy, so anything could have happened in the end to cause the remaining deaths.
  • The culprit was in the room with Eva when she died.

    The culprit was in the room with Hideyoshi when he died.
  • Just before the clock struck midnight, only one person was alive on the island.
  • Same theory with Jessica as the culprit for the first twilights, adjusted ending:
    Eva: She chained and locked the door. However, Jessica used a master key to unlock the door, and then a monkey wrench to remove it from its hinges. She then entered, killed Eva, and put the door back in place from the inside, finally locking it again, all while the chain remained set.
    Hideyoshi: There's a secret passage from the mirror in Kinzo's study into the VIP room, which Jessica used to enter and set up this murder.
  • No doors were taken off their hinges at any point.

    There is no secret passage connected to the VIP room.
  • Same theory, but for Eva and Hideyoshi the wrench was simply used to set the chain from outside.
  • The chain lock on Eva's door was set by hand.

    Although it was dark, there was a group outside Jessica's door during the blackout. She could not have snuck out through the door.
  • The item used to finalize Hideyoshi's room was used to finalize the kitchen as well.
  • Same Jessica culprit theory as Blackrune.
    For the second twilight. Jessica escaped through her window as she played a recording of her crying as Battler and co listened to it with not much attention.
    Jessica snuck outside the guesthouse to kill the three in the mansion. Because the exact method of the tool used is of no real importance, we can refer to it as tool X.
    Tool X was used to finish Hideyoshi's locked room, setting the chain.
    Eva's room was set by hand, as she escaped through the window. George didn't investigate the room, so many options remain.
    As for Hideyoshi's dying message to lure out George, Jessica forced him to say that beforehand, recorded it, and played it long after Hideyoshi's death.
    The time she killed George and the rest if of no importance and can be done completely out of order, for nobody checked George's body except Jessica.
  • No one escaped Eva's room by the window.

    No one was hiding in Eva's room when the door was broken down.

    Jessica did not escape her room via the window.

    Jessica did not leave her room during the blackout.
    Jessica is not the culprit!
  • Same theory but with Rosa for a change.
    For the second twilight. Rosa knocked out Hideyoshi and Kyrie. Dragged her away. Then attacked the second group to knock them out and drag away Rudolf.
    She locked them in the kitchen and used Tool X to escape.
    The same theory for the next murders, but with some adjustments.
    Rosa escaped the guesthouse to kill the three in the mansion.
    For Eva's room, she set a broken chain, and fixed it back on the outside, making it possible for her to set the chain by hand while still being able to escape through that door.

    George's death along with Jessica, are most likely done after Rosa... killed her own darling daughter, Battler and Krauss. Rosa's motive is being a bad mother, and hating her family.
  • The front door to the guesthouse was truly squeaky, such that anyone entering or exiting through it would be heard. The windows were indeed jammed shut and could not be opened. You will need to explain the method of escape.

    The chain on Eva's door was properly fixed to both the doorframe and the door and there were no broken links in the chain at the time the culprit shut the door after Eva's death. In short, the chain lock was not 'pre-broken'.
  • Same theory. Nobody heard the door to the guesthouse open because Maria was probably crying 'uu-uu-' all the time.

    The chain to Eva's door was made longer to be able to still set the chain from the outside simply through the gap.
  • Despite how annoying it is, no sound made by Maria or anyone else would be enough to cover up the squeak of the guesthouse door.
  • Rosa quietly broke a window and got out through there
  • All guesthouse windows remained intact.
  • Rosa made the door less squeaky
  • The squeakiness of the door never changed.
  • It's possible to leave through the window of the door
  • The door must be opened properly to be passed through.
  • Rosa made the most soothing tea to make them fall asleep so she could sneak out
  • No one was drugged or otherwise influenced to sleep for nefarious purposes during the course of this tale.
  • The sound of the door to the guesthouse opening got confused with something else, for example another door or tool which would make a similar sound.
  • The sound of the door would not have been confused to be anything else, given how everyone was keyed up for an intruder.

    No natural sounds would have covered up the sound of the door opening either.
  • When they all entered the guesthouse the first time. Rosa was last, and after she pretended to close the door behind her, she actually got back out. Rosa snuck back inside when George opened the door to save his family!
  • When the group entered the guesthouse and shut and locked the door behind them, Rosa was inside with them.
  • Same theory as before, except Rudolf is the culprit!
    You see, someone had been secretly living in the study, and being addressed as Kinzo by Genji would make one think it's the old man. But it was actually another secret sibling. Rudolf used this one as a substitute corpse to fake his death in the second twilight. The method to create the locked room is still the same rope method from before. Cause I don't like just running with tool X.

    No need to escape the guest house!

    For Hideyoshi's room, a rope trick to set the chain has then to be assumed, given the red. Something can surely be worked, especially with duct tape in the mix.
  • The culprit is Krauss. When his plan fails, he decides to kill everyone who's in the know regarding the dead Kinzo conspiracy to prevent the others from finding out and suddenly takes a liking to the killing. His wife also has to die because he's sick of her doubting and limiting his investments. Perhaps he even finds out about the Shannon/Kanon thing around this time, so he moves Kanon's body into the other room after changing it into Shannon clothes, dumps it near the entryway and then prevents anyone from entering Kanon's crime scene again.
    (Shannon and Kanon are definitely not separate people on this gameboard, this is clear from the context of many of the fantasy sections early on, which makes Krauss by far the most suspicious person on the board.)
    Anyhow, first locked room is otherwise pretty clear. Only uncertain point is the 5th bullet supposedly having been shot into Shannon despite Kanon dying by strangulation, but Krauss could have covered the neck signs with makeup and then shot a bullet into her already dead body with the gun in the parlor.

    Second Twilight seems to be pretty clear too. Krauss attacks in the dark after tinkering with some electric panel in the basement to cause the blackout. Victims are carried and stabbed in the kitchen, then the big counter is dragged against the door with a sturdy rope as the others have theorized.

    Now for an interesting one, Kinzo. Krauss manages to find out Kinzo is still alive. He probably assumes Kinzo will be happy about Krauss performing the ceremony and so asks him about the gold. Kinzo's like "no bruh you have to solve the epitaph, what are you even doing". He gives Krauss a hint about Taiwan but Krauss is still pissed off and kills him in his secret room behind the mirror, then paints the sign outside.

    But how is Kinzo able to move to and from the guesthouse from now on, you ask? It's very simple, the guesthouse was actually entirely planned out by Krauss himself. So just like Kinzo was able to include his secret room in his study, Krauss also has knowledge of a secret exit by the library. While he's in the library he also manages to do some epitaph solving with the atlas.

    Now for the rest of the locked rooms.. Gohda's pretty self-explanatory. Eva is more interesting. The biggest clue here is that "the VIP room's door is very sturdy." In other words, this implies Eva's room has a much less sturdy door. So all it takes is to carve a portion of the door out, set the chain by hand through the opening, then re-seal it with duct tape. George is gonna kick it down anyways and likely not closely examine it for signs of tampering.

    As for Hideyoshi, the method is similar to the kitchen locked room. In other words, it seems to involve a rope under the door. So the chain was set by using this rope tied to it. Of course, this rope also needed to be anchored to another rope inside the room to make the trick work. And this is why Hideyoshi is holding a phone. The wire of the phone was used as part of the chain setting trick (alternatively, his guts, although that might have left more obvious traces).

    Oh and Krauss also recorded Hideyoshi's desperate words on a tape recorder and later played them after calling George with the internal line from the library. This gave him an alibi since Hideyoshi was supposedly still alive shortly before Krauss showed up in the guesthouse.

    Finally, once Jessica left, Krauss subdued everyone inside and killed everyone, maybe dying in the process (leaving Jessica the only survivor).
  • Rudolf was also killed in the kitchen. Rudolf is not the culprit.

    The culprit never moved Kanon's body.

    Eva's door was structurally sound.

    Nothing relevant could be slid under the guest room doors.
  • Rudolf and Kyrie were awake, alive, and unbound in the kitchen when they entered it during the blackout. They were on high alert and would have tried to shoot anyone who came in.
  • The ones who discovered "Kanon" were lying or/and mistook the body for Kanon.
    The trick used for Eva and Hideyoshia's rooms is simply another secret passageway.
    All is Krauss' doing. Blanks for Kyrie and Rudolf, like rune said, so they couldn't shoot if they wanted to.
  • Every time Kanon was found, it was Kanon's body being observed.

    Knox's original 3rd is observed. Meaning, no more than one secret passage is allowed. There can be a secret passage from one place to another place, but there cannot be other passages connecting multiple places.
    If the theory includes a secret passage, it must only be one.
  • The culprit is Natsuhi with Krauss as an accomplice. The red truth said that there was only one culprit who planned it all, but this does not mean that this one mastermind had no pawns.

    We know that the Ushiromiyas had more servants than those usually mentioned in the stories. So they used a random boy to fake Kanon's death, they prepared this corpse in advance, since ShKanon was supposed to be an accomplice as well (which is hinted at in the conversation between the two Beatrice's where Kanon and Shanon agree to prepare one room and three doors). This fake corpse was supposed to enable the real Kanon to roam free and prepare the rooms/doors as needed. However, after the big argument on the first night, Natsuhi was enraged and just decided to kill everyone, including Shanon. (Later on George holds Shanon and sees the blood on her chest, and her body is referred to as a corpse in the Mystery section, so I am assuming ShKanon actually died.) Gohda just opened the door to the servant's quarter, he did not examine Kanon's body. The one who did so was Krauss, and he did not reveal that the person lying there was not actually Kanon, but a different boy. He was also the person examining Natsuhi's body, so it was easy for him to cover up that she was actually alive. Alternatively, the body in the room did not belong to Natsuhi, but a different woman (maybe a servant), and the face was disfigured to make it impossible to identify her. After the killings, locking the parlor from the outside would have been easy for either Natsuhi or Krauss, since they were the masters of the house, and even if they were not using master keys, they might have used a parlor key.

    Then in the second twilight, Krauss tampered with the fuse box and made the lights go out. He knocked out Eva and pretended to be knocked out himself, making Rudolph run out upstairs. Natsuhi, meanwhile, knocked out Rosa and Hideyoshi, making Kyrie run out. As Kyrie and Rudolph were talking, Natsuhi slipped in the kitchen. She then killed them with the knives (their guns had blanks), dragged their bodies against the outer door and used a rope trick or a tool X to position the kitchen table in front of the inner door after she left the kitchen.

    The death of Kinzo happened the way Fede described, but it was Natsuhi instead of Krauss.

    Natsuhi remained in the mansion, so there was no need for anyone to sneak out of the guesthouse to kill Eva, Hideyoshi and Gohda. So, as several people said, Gohda's case was fairly simple. In Eva's case, there was actually the one secret passage, which Natsuhi took advantage of. After all, as a mistress of the house, she knew about it. And for Hideyoshi's room, she used the same trick as for the kitchen. The phone call doesn't need much explanation, in my opinion, she could have either forced Hideyoshi to say those words and then record them, or simply tried to imitate his voice, George was probably too agitated to pay close attention, and besides, when someone is dying, their voice won't sound the same. Just addressing George as "son" or something similar might have been enough to convince him he's talking to his father.

    She then killed George once he entered the mansion. Meanwhile, Krauss subdued Rosa, Maria and Battler in the guesthouse, and Natsuhi came to finish the job (if we stick to the red truth that there's only one culprit, and understand "culprit" as the person doing the actual killings.) Then she killed Krauss too, since she was getting quite mad and frenzied at this point.

    Then she returned to the mansion and fought with Jessica. Since that was her own daughter, it was hard for her to do it, which is why Jessica almost killed her, but in the end they killed each other.
  • All bodies found are the people they are assumed to be, whether living or dead.

    The head wound Natsuhi suffered was sufficiently horrific that it could not be a disguise.
  • The culprit is Rosa.
    For the first twilight, the key was stolen.
    The gun ammo was swapped for blanks, making Rudolf and Kyrie's struggle futile.
    For the second, the rope trick with the table was used.
    The guesthouse was escaped with a secret passage to Kinzo's study or, well, outside at any rate.
    Eva's door chain was set from the outside because it was made long enough to allow it.
    HIdeyoshi's chain was set with a rope trick again, using duct tape and/or other stuff in the room as anchor points. (it doesn't need to be slid under the door for this, just use the gap that would still be there if you set the chain.)
  • Rosa had no opportunity to affect the guns prior to the second Twilight.
  • Same thing but with the family member that would have had the easiest time to affect those guns in advance: Krauss Ushiromya!
  • ...or so it seemed. Beatrice was the last alive. Beatrice was not the culprit. Who is Beatrice, and how did they survive?
  • The original Beatrice was Kanon (or ShKanon), who was initially supposed to be Krauss's accomplice, which is why Krauss let him/them live at first and helped fake his/their death.
  • The culprit never acted with a knowing accomplice.
  • "Shannon" died, thereby making the body she used a corpse.
  • The original Beatrice was Kanon. He pretended to be dead after Krauss tried to strangle him, he stopped resisting at some point, and Krauss just let him lie there, thinking he had finished the job. Then the morning after, Kanon held his breath, and Krauss didn't really check very carefully. Even though Krauss took the master key, Kanon, as a servant, still had access to a parlor key, and used it to go there after putting on Shanon's clothes, and ripping a hole in the chest area of the uniform. She then smeared some blood on herself, of which there was plenty.
  • Of course, Krauss was surprised to see Shanon's body in the parlor, since there was no "Shanon" in there the night before, but he didn't have the chance to take care of her, since there were other people present.
  • Correct.

    Sayo, otherwise known as Kanon/Shannon/Beatrice, was planning on pressuring folks into solving the riddle of the epitaph that night. To that end, one room and three doors were indeed prepared as per Let the Magic Rise, though only Eva's chain lock preparation ended up being used by the culprit. Jessica, meanwhile, spoke to Kanon, and together they hatched a plan to fake murders as the Golden Witch, Beatrice. Jessica wrote the letter found at dinner, and Kanon placed it. However, once real murders started happening, Jessica obviously didn't follow through with her plan.

    Krauss, his mind finally snapping under the strain, began his rampage. He started with the wife who he felt constantly belittled him, as well as the servants who knew the secret of Kinzo's death. He shot Shannon in the chest, killing "Shannon" but due to her disguise allowing him extra protection, as well as a great deal of luck, Sayo only sustained some broken ribs and non-lethal bleeding. While Krauss was inspecting the bodies, Sayo slipped off his maid outfit to become Kanon and hide, dropping his hat in the process. Krauss discovered this, but didn't notice that Shannon's body, which would have been slightly covered by the open door, was now a pile of clothes. Krauss chased down Kanon and strangled him. However, falling victim to one of the classic misconceptions, he only strangled the boy to unconsciousness, then took his key. After Krauss had left, Kanon regained consciousness and debated what to do.
    Krauss painted sigils on the doors and made the other guns nonfunctional. (Fun fact, in my head they were music symbols, but I could never find good bloody-looking music symbols and I didn't want to try to make them).

    In the morning Kanon made a gamble and faked being dead, and luckily Krauss was expecting himt to be dead didn't truly investigate. Krauss faked finding Kanon's key on him, not knowing the boy also had Shannon's key. Gohda went to get the others, and Krauss went to the basement, which allowed Kanon time to leave, lock the door behind him, and get into the parlor and get Shannon's outfit on again. The parlor was discovered by the rest, and while Sayo debated calling out Krauss for having lied about the key, in the dark he hadn't been sure who the murderer was or if they had accomplices, so he resolved to try to find out first.

    For the second Twilight, Rudolf turned out the lights. He knocked out Eva and tried to knock out Krauss, then went to the kitchen. Kyrie knocked out Rosa and Hideyoshi, and went there to meet him. They had resolved to hole themselves up in there, safe. However, Krauss with his boxing training could take a hit better than the rest, and saw Rudolf leave. Thinking quickly, he grabbed a tarp and made it into the kitchen before they could lock the door. They tried to fire their guns, but as Krauss had disabled them before passing them out, nothing happened, and Krauss stabbed them, using the tarp to shield himself from the blood. He opened the outer door to let the bloody tarp get blown away by the wind, and used some wire he found in the basement to pull a lightened table over through the crack of the inside door to block it. He kept the wire handy.

    For the fourth twilight, Kinzo was always dead, and Krauss had the key to the study at that point, so he let himself in and painted a sigil on the mirror. It was an actual truth that the sigil was painted on the door the body was in, as the mirror was a door to a secret passage to the guest house library (which he knew of, as he had been the one involved in making the guest house), and Kinzo's corpse was hidden in it. Sayo had been lost in the dark like everyone else.

    For the next three, Krauss snuck back to the mansion through that secret passage. Hideyoshi was resting in the VIP room, near-unconscious from the concussion. He waited until Eva left him to get something (which she had to unlock the door to do) before getting in and killing him. He then used the length of wire from before, bending the end into a loop, to set the chain lock from outside. He then hurried to Eva's room, surprising her and using the wire as a garrote to strangle her before she could shoot. He hung her in the closet. He was going to leave the chain lock undone, until he realized this room's lock was strangely longer (thanks to Sayo's separate preparations for a plan that never took place.) Gohda was by himself and short work was made of him. Once everything was set, Krauss returned to the guest house, called George from a different phone, and put on a reasonable-enough impersonation of Hideyoshi that George rushed off to find the bodies. Sayo had not approached the three because he had no evidence and they were likely to shoot anyone they weren't expecting. Afterwards Sayo was certain Krauss was the only culprit, but needed a plan to take him down.

    Eighth twilight Krauss snuck back through the passage and shot George in the head, then returned to the guest house. It all happened too fast for Sayo to intervene, and he wasn't going to be able to take an armed Krauss on his own, so he hid again.

    Krauss returned to the guest house, and Jessica stormed off. This was good, and gave him the chance to pick off the remainder one at a time by surprise.

    In the mansion, Sayo met up with Jessica as Kanon and explained it all. By the time he had gotten her to believe him, Krauss had arrived. They confronted him about his actions. Krauss, insane, defended it, and went to shoot Kanon. Jessica dove in the way, taking a couple shots, before flying into a rage and beating her father to death. Kanon held her as she died. Sayo then contemplated all that had occurred, the truth of all the evil, and allowed the bomb to go off.
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