• CoB: 36
  • GG: 35
  • The last log entry (June 4) was really written by East.
  • At the start of each day (0:00) there was nobody downstairs or inside the elevator. In other words, it's impossible for a living person to hide on the lower level across multiple days.
  • When East first left her room on June 4, North was already dead.
  • The facility isn't capable of transformations such as rotating its rooms. The layout you see on the map remained the actual layout of the facility at all times.
  • Clones do NOT count as the same one person for culprit purposes.
  • Regardless of whether he was alive or dead, North was never inside East's room.
  • None of the victims were able to move by themselves after being shot. As for your alternative: even with all the doors opening as far as they could, there is no line for a clear shot from any of the entranceways into any of the other inner rooms.
  • The culprit is a human with a human body.
  • South's body wasn't moved after his death - at least not before October 3.
  • "The last log entry (June 4) was really written by East." To clarify, this refers to the original East, not a clone. In fact, whenever a person isn't specified beyond the name, it refers to the original and not a clone. (The only exception to this is the 'Isa' mentioned in the rules - the ' indicate she is not the original. Doesn't matter though - that red naturally applies to all instances of Isa.)
  • North died from a gunshot wound. At the beginning of June 4, there was no gun inside his room except his personal handgun. His handgun also wasn't rigged to go off remotely or anything.
  • At the start of each day (0:00) there was nobody downstairs, or anywhere on the upper level except inside one of the four supervisor rooms. In other words, it's impossible for a living person to hide anywhere inside the facility except those four rooms across multiple days.
  • Any human entering the main area on the upper level will leave marks on the SNOW system, either directly or by whatever they employ as a bridge leaving marks. There is no way around it.
  • The following is all true:
    -Disregarding minor corpse movement, nobody took actions to move any object after it got hit by a bullet on June 4. This applies to RUNE as well.
    -All guns were fired directly by hand with a finger pulling the trigger.
    -North never was inside the entranceway to his room on June 4.
  • Before East first left any room on June 4, North was already dead.
  • At the start of June 4, the only human body inside North's room was North.
  • Nobody ever climbed on top of the terminals, exit gate, or the four "igloo" rooms.
  • When North died, the culprit was not inside North's room.
  • When North got shot (=received the gunshot wound that killed him), the culprit was not inside North's room.
  • At the beginning of the second loop, all bullets relevant to this board are inside the facility.
  • Second cycle: The log of North's clone is an honest account of what he witnessed, and hasn't been altered by anyone.
  • There are only two "cycles", and the happenings presented in the board are in fact in chronological order.
  • This board takes place in a 'real' parallel world, not a virtual simulation. Aside from the shift to Xak/you happening in the Isa clones, nobody ever assumed control of anybody's mind. Blackrune is not the culprit.
  • Nothing ever passed through the window in South's room.
  • South never went downstairs on June 4.
  • Nobody ever used South's body as a stepping stone to avoid the SNOW records.
  • North did not receive any fatal injuries before June 4.
  • South never went downstairs on June 4 and June 5.
  • No bullet was ever shot into South's room from anywhere else.
  • Neither East nor any East clone died before June 4.
  • Nothing ever passed through the window in North's room.
  • THE CULPRIT DOES NOT POSSESS SUPERNATURAL ABILITIES. Did you even read the rules? Yare yare daze...
  • No bullet was ever fired from a gun into a pipe.
  • At no point was there a way for an outside bullet to enter the facility except through the main entrance or one of the four windows (if breached beforehand or in the process).
  • The clone pods do not have the capability to modify clone bodies beyond adding memories. No clone left the pod they were made in with anything added to or removed from their bodies.
  • From the beginning of June 1 to the end of June 4, neither the culprit nor any relevant gun was outside the facility.
  • What a hopeless bunch, just look at this gang.
    They thought they were coming in with a bang!
    Little did they know they should have just quit!
    No person moved that ammo, except the culprit!
    But for this one to stick, it needs to be heard:
    No one entered West's room 'til eight on June 3rd!
    This was true since June 1st, the very beginning!
    Get a clue, look at SNOW, or you ain't winning!
    You plebs couldn't even get past the first inning.
    Cause before that date, the armory was complete!
    They'd all have agreed. Which is quite the feat.
    So, how would the culprit have committed this deed
    When they could not have been in the place you decreed?
  • The German Gang has explained both cycles.
  • Xak has been saved.
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