• Ah, dear friend, such a pleasure to hear your charming voice! You seem to be confused, however, so allow me to alleviate your predicament. I am in no way related to the army, even more so to lieutenant Dark, and clearly I am not his deputy. Also I believe none of us died yet. By us I mean the four narrators as you might have surmised. Oh and before we part ways yet again, the witch has kindly asked me to deliver you a message of sorts, an advice to ease your struggles.

    cough, cough...

    She said READ. CAREFULLY.

    Yours, Avi~
  • It wouldn't be possible to commit the murder by ways you described (and any similar ways), without people on the Blackfeather street noticing. It would take too much time and attract too much attention.
  • The culprit wasn't in the alleyway when the murder took place there.
  • The culprit, Hellcrow, is the Aviarist.

    Hellcrow was active two decades ago, then suddenly stopped. Aviarist was also absent from his home for decades. Coincidence? I think not.

    But how did Hellcrow escape from the military back then, despite the island being completely under surveillance? Clearly, there is a traitor in the military. Someone who's smuggling people in an out, probably for money. And who better placed to do such a thing than Dark's own deputy?

    This same deputy is also the boatman who offers to sail the Aviarist to the island. This also explains how he's able to avoid patrols, and why Dark is surprised to find him on the island since he was scheduled to arrive with a different ferry.

    Anyhow. It seems at first that Aviarist couldn't have committed the first murder, but from his perspective, we only know there's some sort of "scene" in the forest. It's not necessarily a murder scene. could easily become one, by adding some murder, which he does in his typical style~

    Later on, after visiting the town hall, he goes home. Or to visit someone else's home. Regardless, this house happens to be the building between alleys and Crowfeather street. Deputy-kun also goes there, presumably to get paid or something, and he is brutally murdered along with Jester's drinking companion. Both are flung out of the window so that their broken bodies rest in the alley, then Aviarist walks out of the door and exits the alley, his elegant hat noted by the Jester.

    And thus is Hellcrow back.
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