• Ah, dear friend, such a pleasure to hear your charming voice! You seem to be confused, however, so allow me to alleviate your predicament. I am in no way related to the army, even more so to lieutenant Dark, and clearly I am not his deputy. Also I believe none of us died yet. By us I mean the four narrators as you might have surmised. Oh and before we part ways yet again, the witch has kindly asked me to deliver you a message of sorts, an advice to ease your struggles.

    cough, cough...

    She said READ. CAREFULLY.

    Yours, Avi~
  • It wouldn't be possible to commit the murder by ways you described (and any similar ways), without people on the Blackfeather street noticing. It would take too much time and attract too much attention.
  • The culprit wasn't in the alleyway when the murder took place there.
  • The culprit, Hellcrow, is the Aviarist.

    Hellcrow was active two decades ago, then suddenly stopped. Aviarist was also absent from his home for decades. Coincidence? I think not.

    But how did Hellcrow escape from the military back then, despite the island being completely under surveillance? Clearly, there is a traitor in the military. Someone who's smuggling people in an out, probably for money. And who better placed to do such a thing than Dark's own deputy?

    This same deputy is also the boatman who offers to sail the Aviarist to the island. This also explains how he's able to avoid patrols, and why Dark is surprised to find him on the island since he was scheduled to arrive with a different ferry.

    Anyhow. It seems at first that Aviarist couldn't have committed the first murder, but from his perspective, we only know there's some sort of "scene" in the forest. It's not necessarily a murder scene. could easily become one, by adding some murder, which he does in his typical style~

    Later on, after visiting the town hall, he goes home. Or to visit someone else's home. Regardless, this house happens to be the building between alleys and Crowfeather street. Deputy-kun also goes there, presumably to get paid or something, and he is brutally murdered along with Jester's drinking companion. Both are flung out of the window so that their broken bodies rest in the alley, then Aviarist walks out of the door and exits the alley, his elegant hat noted by the Jester.

    And thus is Hellcrow back.
  • Everything said here adheres the rules of the gameboard. There is no deceit.
  • That's right, everyone's a beast! An animal! A specimen of fauna!

    How can one be a private investigator and also an Aviarist? 'Cause he investigates bird crimes!

    And who better than a bird to fly over every contradiction in this board?

    If the soldiers are ravens, everything is explained!

    Deputy-kun flew over the lake and arrived early! Ferries are useless when you can fly!

    Hellcrow is Dark! He also flew over the lake and killed from above, dropping one dead animal-man into the forest! Then he killed his own deputy in mid-air, who then crushed drunk pig-kun in the alleyway!

    Begone, witch!!
  • Non-human entities aren't relevant to the story whatsoever.
  • The culprit still f l i e d

    with an H E L I C O P T E R

    (or hot-air balloon or anything equivalent)

    They are military, after all. Would explain how deputy+Dark got on the island so fast!

    They never got noticed because of the clouded sky and the ravens loudly crying!

    Dark likes to kidnap islanders and drop them from his aircraft! What a sicko!

    But deputy knew too much, and had to be silenced...
  • If the military had used any type of aerial machinery there is no way for dwellers of the island not to notice it, yet it wasn't mentioned in any of the chapters.
  • I beg to differ!

    After all, The Monarch clearly mentions "Ravens in the sky", even though we know for a fact from an authority on birds that no actual ravens actually fly on the island.

    Therefore, the "Ravens" that are mentioned by Monarch are indeed the names of a type of aircraft used by the military!

    The rest stands as above!
  • The culprit is Ronald Dark
  • The deputy was the first to arrive on the island, the aviarist was the second and Dark was the last person outside to set foot on the island.
  • There's virtually no reason to suspect either the Monarch or the Jester since both of them had no interaction with the crime scene whatsoever
  • When the aviarist arrived he went straight to the monarch who was waiting for him at the town hall. At the time the Monarch was holding a speech related to the circumstances of the investigation on Hellcrow
  • All the while the deputy was at the top of the roof of one of the houses surrounding the alleyway. He was waiting for Dark to hold some sort of discussion regarding the investigation.
  • When Dark arrived the two had a disagreement of sorts and a full out brawl happened and the deputy was ultimately overpowered, beaten to death and knocked out by the stock of Dark's rifle.
  • While the scuffle happened Jester's friend heard the commotion in the town hall and decided to join, although he ended up falling and slumped over in the ground
  • As the town meeting adjourned, the aviarist passed through the alleyway and noticed Jester's drunken friend slumped over. It was by that time that he was also noticed by the Jester before he dozed off
  • The aviarist went on his merry way, as he decided to check if the crime scene was still inaccessible, with no luck he decided to return to the town hall to wait for further developments
  • Dark trying his hardest to find a way to quickly dispose of the body threw the corpse in the alleyway and by doing so inadvertly killed the local by having the weight of the body fall completely onto his head. That also caused the fractures found on his body, as well
  • Dark climbed down the roof and entered the same exit that Jester was laying right next to it. Since he had already fallen into a long sleep by that point he wouldn't be able to notice Dark entering the alleyway. Dark also didn't notice someone slumped over when he hurried to the crime scene, as well.
  • Dark panicked as he saw the state of the scene and with no time to move two corpses he decided to improvise. He broke the deputy's arm with the stock of his rifle and forcibly torn it off to make it look like just one of many more of Hellcrow's killings. Which was quite simple to do considering the amount of damage the body had taken from the fall already
  • With that Dark exited the alleway from the same way he entered and returned to the woods, where he waited for the report of the two killings.
  • You can have this one.
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