Art by @gativ0

Come, try to remember...

What form did you have?

A couple of months ago, Illusion of the's servers had a critical issue. A gigantic chunk of information was lost, and the safety measures in place failed. While a good portion of the site's source code remains in tact thanks to a local copy I had on hand for quick editing, the database itself has been lost.

This is a devastating loss to the community at large, and myself personally. There are a few ongoing gameboards that were mid game and had truths on illusion that have been impeded. While it may be possible to cobble some things together from traces, it is unlikely it will be recovered in whole.

In the meantime, I ask that you bear with me. I've decided to rebuild Illusion more or less from the ground up, cleanly and with proper implementation of features that were sorely needed, as well as tripling down on backups.

I look forward to visiting your newly formed fragments soon.